Make friends with your dentures

Dentures can be both a blessing and a curse for those of us who have lost some or all of our teeth. They are blessing because they give us back something to chew with and they are a curse because they tend to become loose and wobble around in our mouths, no matter how well-fitting they were when we first got them.

Denture Stabilisation in BournemouthIf you are at the point of being cursed by your dentures, you will know exactly what we mean. And if you have just got, or are thinking about getting dentures, you have probably heard all the stories and are rather dreading the day you laugh too loudly at something hilarious and your dentures fall about laughing on the floor in front of you.

Denture stabilisation in Bournemouth

Well, here at Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have dentures that stay put and allow you to have far more freedom in your food choices and how loudly you laugh.

It’s what we call denture stabilisation. This is a technique that combines the best of two teeth replacement methods: dentures and dental implants. Here’s how it works.

We insert between two and six dental implants into your upper and/or lower jawbones. We can use mini implants for this procedure, and they can be inserted straight through your gums, rather than having to open a flap in your gum and then insert them into the bone. We attach special fittings to your implants and your dentures snap onto them. We can customise your existing dentures or you can have new ones.

Over the next few weeks, your dental implants will integrate with your jawbone, and will become as securely held in place as a natural tooth. This is what gives your dentures the support that stops them sliding around in your mouth when you talk and allows you to eat whatever you want again.

If you can’t afford to go the whole hog with dental implants, but dread the thought of dentures, denture stabilisation is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

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Life after tooth loss: dentures in Bournemouth

If you have lost or are about to lose some or all of your teeth, you are no doubt wondering which method of replacement is the one that is best going to suit you, your lifestyle and your pocket.

You have three options: dentures, bridges or dental implants. In this article, we’re going to focus on the denture, a form of tooth replacement that has been around for centuries.

Dentures in BournemouthThe denture is basically a plate with replacement teeth and gums on it. It fits over your gums to give you a natural look. The reason it replaces your gums as well as your crowns is that once you have lost a tooth, the gum in that area starts to recede.

Modern dentures are designed to look as natural as possible. The crowns can be made from either acrylic or porcelain. Acrylic dentures cost less money and are made in layers to mimic the translucence of natural teeth. Dental porcelain has that natural translucence too.

Dentures sit on plates on the gums. The plates are designed to hug the gums snugly so that they won’t wobble around when you eat and speak. However, your gums and the jawbone beneath them are not static. Gums tend to reduce in size after teeth come out, and the jawbone loses size and density in the years after tooth loss.

One way to ensure a snug fit is to wait a few months after tooth loss for any swelling of the gums to go down and also for the initial jawbone loss to take place. If the dentures are then fitted, there is a better guarantee that they will remain close fitting for longer. At Castle Lane Dental in Bournemouth, we know that a good fit is of paramount importance with dentures and we will work with you to make sure that when you leave with your new dentures, we have done all we can to get them to fit well.

If you choose porcelain crowns, we can craft them to resemble your lost teeth. Just bring in some good pictures of your smile and we can recreate it.

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How to handle dental emergencies

As much as we try to protect our teeth, sometimes accidents happen. We can brush and floss, visit the dentist as recommended, and use mouth guards while playing sports, yet that does not completely protect us from tooth pain or accidents.

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we want you to be prepared in the event of a dental emergency and we are here to help you go through them as easily and comfortably as we can. If you require emergency dental care in Bournemouth, call us today and we will strive to see you as soon as possible. Our emergency dentist will restore your oral health and prevent recurring pain and discomfort.

Emergency Dental Care in BournemouthCommon dental emergencies

Here are a few common dental emergencies and what you can do while waiting to be treated by an emergency dentist:

Chipped or broken teeth

Chipped or broken teeth need immediate dental attention in order not to cause further damage. While a fractured tooth can be painful, cracked teeth sometimes have no symptoms. The first step is rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water. After applying cold compresses or taking anti-inflammatory medication, promptly contact your emergency dentist.

If the fractured portion of your tooth is substantial, it can possibly be reattached to your original tooth, so bring it with you. Your dentist may use a crown in order to restore your tooth to its former condition, but if your tooth cannot be saved, you can always opt for a dental implant.

Knocked-out teeth

A knocked-out adult tooth can be saved but this is usually a race against the clock. If you knock out a tooth, hold it by the crown, ensuring not to touch it by the root. Be sure not to remove any tissue from the tooth while doing so.

Then, reposition your tooth into the socket and gently hold it in place with a clean gauze. If it is not possible to reposition your tooth, then store it in a glass of milk or saline solution.

In the case of a knocked-out tooth, getting treatment within an hour can make a huge difference to your dentist’s ability to save your tooth.

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Emergency dental care in Bournemouth

Dental emergencies not only painfully disrupt our lives, but also come at the most inconvenient and least expected times. While dental emergencies are rare, they can happen, and for this reason, it is important to know how to take care of your teeth no matter what.

At Castle Lane Dental Care, your health and comfort are important to us. Issues such as knocked out teeth and toothaches should be addressed as soon as possible. If left untreated, these problems can create more serious health problems, such as permanent tooth loss. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please give us a call and we will do our best to ensure that you are taken care of in a comfortable, affordable and timely manner.

Emergency Dental Care in BournemouthManagement of common dental emergencies

In the event that you knock out a tooth, bring it to the emergency dentist as soon as possible. Do your best to locate the tooth after it is dislodged, and make sure not to hold it by the root.

More importantly, be careful not to remove any tissue from your tooth. Put it back into the socket if you can, or store it in a glass of milk until you can bring it to the emergency dentist. Visiting an emergency dentist within an hour of the accident, can mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth.

A toothache can be the result of a number of dental conditions and only your emergency dentist can determine its underlying cause. While waiting to be treated, rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water.

If you have food trapped between your teeth causing pain, try to remove it gently with dental floss. If you are experiencing swelling, apply a cold pack to the outside of your cheek or mouth. You can also take over-the-counter painkillers, but do not rub them against the gums near the aching tooth as they may burn your gum tissue.

The most important thing with any dental emergency is to call as soon as the issue arises as it’s more likely that we will be able to see you on the day you call.

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Your teeth, your business

Believe it or not, not everyone in 21st century Britain is obsessed with detailing every single moment of their day on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. There are still plenty of people who would rather keep their private lives private and do not welcome intrusive interest, especially if the subject involves their health. Hence, the incredible rise in popularity of invisible braces over the last few years.

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we are fitting more and more invisible braces in Bournemouth as word gets around about how discreet they are.

Invisibe Braces in BournemouthInvisible braces are different from other ways of straightening misaligned teeth. Rather than brackets and wires, they use transparent thermoplastic resin trays, which look rather like mouth guards, that fit over the teeth. Once in place, the invisible braces hug your teeth so closely and are so thin that it’s almost impossible to see them.

The aligners are created from impressions taken by our dental team at Castle Lane Dental Care. A few weeks later, you will receive a series of aligners. Each one represents a step along the way from the current position of your teeth to their correctly aligned position. The pressure that the plastic applies to the teeth is what gently nudges them along the path.

You need to wear each tray for about a week or two before moving on to the next one. The number of aligners will depend on your individual case.

Invisible braces have other advantages as well as being almost unnoticeable, and these come with the fact that they are removable. This means that they are easy to clean, and so are your teeth. You just take your brace out in the morning to clean your teeth, and do the same at night, cleaning the aligner too.

Also, if you really, really don’t want anyone to see you are wearing aligners, perhaps for a super-special event like a wedding, a hot date, a job interview, or a highly important business meeting, you can take them out for an hour or two.

Straighter teeth are likely to last longer because they are easier to keep clean and therefore less susceptible to decay and gum disease.

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Braces? What braces?

There have been some amazing steps forward in dental treatments and techniques in the last 20 or so years, with the result that people now expect far more of their dentists than a couple of decades ago.

Back in the 1980s, only film stars, models and royals could boast a bright, sparkling, white smile. Cosmetic dentistry was only available in large cities and cost a fortune.

Invisible Braces in BournemouthBut now at Castle Lane Dental Care, we use modern techniques and ground-breaking equipment to fit invisible braces in Bournemouth.

Invisible braces can correct over-crowded, gappy or crooked teeth. These problems can make people so self-conscious that they cover up their smiles with their hands, or refuse to have their photo taken.

But many people would rather that than suffer the embarrassment of the train-track, metal-mouth look of traditional braces. This is why your Castle Lane Dental Care team is delighted to offer invisible braces.

Invisible braces are a series of slightly different, very thin, clear resin trays that fit snugly over the teeth to gradually guide them into a new position. They look like mouth guards, but super thin. You wear each tray until the teeth have moved so that the pressure created has worn off. Then swap one brace for the next, which will move your teeth on again. The wonderful thing about these invisible braces, and what makes them so popular, is that you can take them out. This means that you can clean them and your teeth more easily.

We also offer another, almost invisible, type of braces under the brand name of Six Month Smiles. This uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, which are fixed to the teeth to gently move them into a straighter position. This system is aimed at moving the front six ‘social’ teeth, and not for bite correction, which is why the average treatment time is a mere six months. The fact that this system uses translucent brackets and tooth-coloured wire means people have to be looking pretty carefully to spot them.

Why not come in for a free consultation to find out which system of invisible braces will work for you?

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All you need to know about general dentistry in Bournemouth

No one likes going to the dentist, but educating yourself can make the experience less intimidating and more productive. Most people fail to understand that a dentist will do more than just check and clean your teeth; they will also check your gums and screen for oral cancer and other potential problems. So, whether you have a full smile, are missing some teeth, or wear dentures or other restorations, it is recommended to visit your dentist at least every six months.

General Dentistry in BournemouthWhen you first call Castle Lane Dental Care, we will typically schedule an appointment, depending upon your oral health needs. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, though, we will strive to book an appointment as soon as possible. From start to finish, general dentistry in Bournemouth involves intensive patient care.

When should you visit your dentist?

Most patients can get away with an annual check-up along with biannual cleanings to maintain a healthy smile. However, if you have problems such as gum disease or tooth decay, you may need to see your dentist more frequently for additional cleanings. You might also schedule an appointment with your dentist if you have symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, bleeding gums or bad breath.

What to expect during a dental check-up

Dental check-ups at Castle Lane Dental Care are very comprehensive and involve a professional cleaning, examination of your teeth and gums, x-rays and oral cancer screening. Our hygienists will use special tools to remove plaque from your teeth and gums. They will also polish your teeth and apply a fluoride treatment to strengthen your tooth enamel. During your examination, our dentists will take x-rays to look for signs of tooth decay and gum disease at the roots of your teeth and jawbone. Finally, your dentist may have a look at the soft tissues of the mouth to identify any lesions that could indicate oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings are often performed in high-risk patients.

Sharing is caring

Our dental team encourages you to ask questions about your dental health and we promise to listen carefully to your concerns. We will take the time to answer your questions and will work together to recommend the best treatment for you.

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General dentistry services in Bournemouth

A general dentist is someone who can take care of all your regular and immediate dental health needs. This is the person you go to when you have damaged a tooth or are suffering from a toothache. General dentists can also prevent gum disease and tooth decay by removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums.

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we offer a variety of services to meet your dental needs, all in one place. Our highly-trained and experienced dentists and dental hygienists provide general dentistry in Bournemouth such as routine dental examinations and cleanings, as well as more complex dental services.

General Dentistry in BournemouthComprehensive examinations

During a dental check-up at our dental practice, our dentists will check for cavities, gum disease and other problems. They will also evaluate your risk of developing health problems, as well as check your face, neck and mouth for abnormalities. We may take x-rays in order to assess the state of your mouth properly. Once this process is done, it will be determined whether a thorough clean and polish is needed. Our dental hygienists will remove plaque build-up from your teeth and offer you helpful advice on how to keep your teeth clean for longer.

Emergency dental care

If you are suffering from an awful toothache or you have dislocated a tooth and require emergency dental care, we offer a same day service for all dental emergencies. Our dentists will strive to take care of your injuries and treat them effectively, so that you can avoid complications in the future.

Root canal treatment

If a tooth is infected due to trauma or tooth decay, a root canal treatment is an ideal option for many patients. As the alternative is the removal of the tooth, the only way to keep it is a root canal treatment. During treatment, all tissue in the tooth will be removed and the root canal system will be cleaned thoroughly for the filling of the root. This will seal the tooth against bacteria in combination with a surface sealant. If your tooth is very damaged, your dentist may place a crown on top of it for improved strength, functionality and aesthetics.

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Why you need professional whitening

We know it’s tempting to buy off-the-shelf or off-the-internet teeth whitening kits but they can be harmful. Teeth whitening may not be an invasive treatment in that it doesn’t involve altering the structure of your teeth or cutting into your flesh or bone, but it still needs to be treated with respect.

When you come to us at Castle Lane Dental Care for teeth whitening in Bournemouth, we take the time to make sure the gel trays that you receive are custom-made for your teeth. By ensuring that the gel trays hug your teeth, we also ensure maximum contact between the whitening gel and your tooth enamel. Badly-fitting trays can lead to the gel seeping out over the top and landing on your mouth’s soft tissue, possibly causing irritation or damage.

Teeth Whitening in BournemouthIt’s always important to treat chemicals with respect and this goes for whitening gel as much as, say, hair dye. Only this stuff you are putting into your mouth.

What is whitening gel made of?

The active ingredient in teeth whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide. It has been tested for safety and effectiveness. It’s a wonderful wound cleaner and disinfectant, and has been used as such since it was first discovered in the 1800s. It’s also been the active ingredient in hair bleach for a long time.

How do I whiten my teeth?

When you come to us for teeth whitening, we first take impressions of your teeth and use this to make your gel trays. You take them home, along with a supply of whitening gel. You put some in the gel trays (we’ll show you how) and wear them for a few hours each day for two to three weeks, depending on your level of staining, to see results.

Now that you own your gel trays, you can repeat this for a day or two every three to four months to keep your whitening topped up. Make your teeth whitening treatment last as long as possible by avoiding tea, coffee, red wine and other staining foods such as blueberries. Cutting back or quitting smoking will also help.

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Give your teeth a boost

There’s nothing quite like a really good smile to brighten up everyone’s day. The person being smiled at feels instantly cheered, the person doing the smiling releases serotonin and feels cheered too. What’s not to love?

Well, if your teeth are not as white as you’d like, you might find that there is something not to love, but don’t worry, because with teeth whitening in Bournemouth at Castle Lane Dental Care, it’s easily fixed.

Teeth Whitening in BournemouthTeeth whitening is the world’s most popular cosmetic dental treatment. It doesn’t alter the structure of your teeth, and you can do it at home under supervision from your dentist at Castle Lane Dental Care.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide to gently lift out surface stains from your tooth enamel. These stains are caused by coffee, tea, red wine, berries, and even some medications, as well as tobacco. It only works on surface stains, discolouration within the tooth cannot be removed, and you may wish to explore alternatives like veneers or cosmetic bonding to cover it over.

When you come to us for teeth whitening, you will need two appointments. In the first, we will take impressions from which we will make you a set of gel trays that perfectly fit your teeth.

In the second appointment, we will check the trays fit before giving you a take-home kit of whitening gel and the trays.

You put the gel in the trays and then wear them overnight, each night. It takes about two weeks to lighten your teeth, or longer if the staining is very bad.

After you have reached your desired shade of white, you are ready to smile your best smile.


Teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment. How long it lasts depends on how well you take care of your lovely white teeth.

You can preserve the whiteness by avoiding the foods and drinks that cause staining, and also by cleaning your teeth after every meal.

But, now that you own a pair of gel trays, there is nothing to stop you getting more gel and having a top-up treatment when the whiteness starts to fade.


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