New to Poole and looking for a dentist ?

Perhaps it’s time you discovered Castle Lane Dental Care, a full service dental practice offering a wide range of dental treatments from general and preventive dentistry to cosmetics and orthodontics. We are nestled within the beautiful town of Poole and upon entering our contemporary facility you will discover why our reputation precedes us.

Crowns in BournemouthWhy?

There are many reasons why we visit the dentist. Some of us for the optimisation of our general oral health with cleaning and routine check-ups, others may need restorative treatment for missing or broken teeth with crowns in Bournemouth and some of us may be looking to improve our smiles with cosmetic dentistry and veneers. It can be problematic to have teeth that are broken or damaged and it can lead to problems with our health if left untreated. Getting crowns in Bournemouth is a popular option to solve this. This revolved around the process of fixing the crown or bridge onto little screws inserted in the jaw, filling the gaps where teeth have been lost. Alternatively bridges can be secured to existing teeth, but these may have to be filed in order to do this. It has never been easier to enjoy great oral health with Castle Lane Dental Care, with our friendly approachable dentists and our modern equipment. There really is no need to delay. In today’s modern world a great smile is sometimes the very thing that people most remember us by. It can portray a sense of confidence and with it bring a sense of well-being that shines. Give yourself the gift of a beautifully optimised smile and see how people notice the difference

What we can do for you

Whatever your dental needs are, we at Castle Lane Dental Care can design a treatment package just for you. Our beautiful practice is set overlooking our tranquil garden and we are experienced in assisting the younger and the more nervous patients. Improvements in dental care over the years have resulted in a more comfortable experience for us all, so don’t worry you are in safe hands.. Alongside our commitment to offer professional excellence in dentistry, we are also a family focussed and orientated practice and you will find our staff warm, approachable and professional. We offer a range of treatment packages which are affordable to you and we offer a dental plan allowing you to spread the costs. We are an NHS practice and children under 18 are exempt from charges.

Our team is headed up by our principal dentist Shiraz Teja who, along with his dedicated team, is devoted to providing the highest degree of patient care and excellence and offer a wide range of treatments. We are a full service facility and also offer emergency dentistry.

I am new to the dentist and am nervous

For new patients upon arrival we will discuss why you are looking for treatment. Then we will conduct a thorough examination and perform X-rays if necessary. We will then determine the condition of your oral health and discuss the findings with you. If you are in good oral health and need no treatment, we will advise you on how to maintain your oral health and book you again for a check-up in six months. If you do need treatment we will offer you a treatment package that’s right for you.

So whether it’s crowns in Bournemouth or general dentistry that you are seeking, why not contact us today and see how we can make you smile.

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Looking for a dentist that goes beyond your expectations?

If you are looking for a dentist that goes the extra mile to offer dental excellence while at the same time keeping you, the patient, feeling valued and at the core of the business, look no further! From general dentistry to crowns and bridges, we here at Castle Lane Dental Care have been providing this and more to our patients day in and day out for over 20 years !

Bridges in BournemouthWe were established over 20 years ago in the picturesque town of Poole in Dorset and during this time we at Castle Lane Dental Care have established an enviable reputation for excellence. As a full service dental practice we offer a complete range of dental treatments to optimise your oral health to give you the smile you deserve. Our staff are warm and welcoming and at the same time experienced and professional, delivering our patients a first class dental service every time. Regular dental check- ups and cleaning are an essential part of your oral health routine to optimise the health of your teeth and gums. If treatment is necessary you are in good hands, our team of professionals are on hand, dedicated to patient health and well-being .

The team is headed by our principal dentist Shiraz Teja, a well-respected dentist with many years of experience in providing you with a first class dental service. He, along with his team of dental hygienists and dental nurses, will provide you with a top quality dental service allowing you to relax and feel assured, because your oral health is at the very heart of the practice

What do they offer?

Alongside cosmetic treatments and the usual facilities of daily check-ups and cleaning, we also offer other treatments that are very popular and successful –  bridges in Bournemouth. If missing a tooth is causing you some anxiety, you needn’t worry anymore. Bridges in Bournemouth involve fitting porcelain to the base of your teeth, to strengthen the prepared tooth. filling the holes in your smile so it looks natural once again and feels secure.

Has it been a while since you had a check-up ?

Are you new to Poole, just started University or maybe you are just looking for a new dentist ?

Well maybe it’s time you headed over to Castle Lane Dental Care and allowed us to assess your dental health. On arrival at the practice you will be initially greeted by our warm welcoming and experienced staff who are well trained in making you feel at ease. You will be asked to fill out a general questionnaire which will help us to determine the status of your general health. Following this your dentist will come and meet you and take you through to the surgery where he will conduct an initial consultation with you and review your questionnaire with you. He will then perform a thorough examination to assess your oral health. From here he can then assess the treatment needed and discuss this with you. We offer a full package of treatment options from general dentistry and cleaning to bridges and cosmetic dentistry. We have payment options to suit everybody and also provide the option of a dental plan to spread the costs. For our younger patients, under 18, we can see them under the NHS at no charge.

So, if you’re looking for a dentist who will provide dental excellence while at the same making you feel valued, you have come to the right place!

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How can cosmetic dentistry straighten teeth?

You may have been led to believe that if you want to straighten your teeth in order to have a healthier and happier mouth, then you will need to have metal, traditional braces to allow you to achieve the look that you are hoping to have.

Cosmetic Dentistry in BournemouthHowever, there is another way in gaining that healthier and more beautiful smile in a discreet and convenient way. Cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth can provide you with invisible braces which consist of many different devices that are suited to individual and common complaints regarding the orientation of teeth. We can offer you a choice of wearing clear and sometimes removable appliances to straighten your teeth.

For adults, teeth straightening has become a popular option. There is no real age limit to allowing yourself a healthier and more attractive smile. Invisible and removable options are favoured by adults who have professional careers and feel more comfortable with a discreet option rather than traditional braces for several months on end.

We are proud to offer you the advanced technology in our practice that is behind these treatments. This allows you to enjoy a much shorter treatment length, depending of course upon your personal situation. Cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth has a department specifically designed for the consultation and treatment with such technology and devices, offering you a broad range of options that are bound to fit in with your lifestyle choices.

What are the benefits of these types of braces?

When you can have your teeth straightening in a generally shortened period of time, you are able to plan having beautiful teeth for a certain event in your life or make plans according to your treatment more easily.

If you need to straighten your teeth or realign your top and bottom jaws, then you can still benefit from cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth. You should know that some cases cannot be dealt with using invisible aligners but rather may need the precise manipulation control that comes with traditional braces. By speaking one of our experienced team members, you can understand how your personal circumstances are to be dealt with effectively and promptly to produce outstanding results.

The flexibility of having invisible braces can make you feel more confident in social situations or when speaking in public. Removable devices allow you to go out for a special event without experiencing anxious feeling and you can remove the braces during eating which means they are much more able to fit around your lifestyle.

Properly aligned teeth and jaws are healthier. After treatment, you may be able to experience less jaw pain, less wearing down of your teeth and your teeth should be less pronounced which can allow you to speak better.

Straighter teeth can give bad bacteria less chance to develop into plaque as there are less hard to reach places where teeth crossover or pack tightly together. Teeth with gaps also expose more of the tooth surface to plaque and bad bacteria which can lead to decay and tooth loss.

Straightening teeth is a long-term investment in your oral health as well as allowing you to smile with more confidence. By seeking the advice of a dentist, you can begin the journey to a healthier and more attractive smile.

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A complete and fast smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry

If you are self-conscious about your stained, chipped, broken, cracked or misaligned teeth, then there is a procedure we can invite you to consider. It can quickly hide these issues in a simple, two step system.

Cosmetic Dentistry in BournemouthThe multiple benefits of porcelain veneers include the fact that they look like natural, beautiful teeth and that they do not require any kind of major treatment to install. If you have a range of concerns with your smile and would like to enjoy quickly restoring your teeth to create a picture perfect smile, then this cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth may very well be exactly what you are looking for.

There are many pros and cons that you will need to understand and consider when you are thinking about having this cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth treatment. The major concern is that we need to remove a thin layer of enamel in order to roughen up the surface of your tooth for the cement to adhere strongly enough to create long lasting veneers.

However, using this treatment can actually protect your teeth from the natural wearing down of enamel. We often find that enamel erosion is naturally caused by overzealous brushing or eating acidic foods and drinks on a regular basis.

As enamel wears away or is removed for receiving porcelain veneers, there is a risk of sensitivity becoming an issue. It can be common for you to have increased sensitivity for the first few days following installation, but with a specific toothpaste, you can find that this pain goes away.

You should understand that this treatment is irreversible once completed, but once you have weighed up the advantages and disadvantages, this can either be a concern for you or not. By speaking to a professional who works in the field of cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth, we can help you gain insightful information and advice which lead you to make the right decision for your smile goals.

What exactly is a veneer?

A porcelain veneer is a very thin, very durable tooth coloured and shaped piece of porcelain that is bonded with a special glue on top of your natural tooth. These veneers can be tailor made to suit your individual tooth shape, style and colour and to blend in with your unique smile so that they look natural within the mouth, whether you opt for a single veneer or a complete smile makeover.

Should you wish to cover up a single stained or chipped tooth, then we are able to match the exact shade of porcelain to have it blend in completely naturally with your other teeth so that the stained tooth is hidden away.

This treatment can also double as a kind of protective crown for some of your teeth, both where thinning enamel is a concern and where a tooth can be at risk of further damage should it be left exposed, such as when it is cracked or chipped.

When braces are not suitable, veneers can also be a quick and easy solution to closing small gaps and realigning one tooth that is slightly out of position. By speaking with one of our team members about this treatment, you will be able to gain an understanding of the cost of this treatment and whether it is a suitable option for you.

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Need a filling with Castle Lane Dental Care? Advantages of white fillings in Bournemouth

In modern society, with our highly acidic and sugar saturated foods, many people are told at a dental check-up that they need a filling.

White Fillings in BournemouthMetal fillings, which are commonly used on molar teeth, are a mixture of metals which replace the parts of tooth lost through decay or drilling. Of course, while this method of filling teeth is time tested and the standard way of treating decay in the teeth, there are a few disadvantages when comparing metal fillings to white fillings in Bournemouth.

White or composite fillings

Many years ago, having white fillings in Bournemouth fitted was considered a cosmetic procedure. While it is still technically a cosmetic procedure, many dentists and patients are noticing the other advantages of having white or composite fillings and are choosing them over traditional metal ones.

Lack of sensitivity

Patients who have metal fillings are often told to try and avoid using their newly filled tooth for about 1 day afterwards. This is because the metal does not truly fuse with the tooth and can cause some sensitivity.

However, recent studies have found that this is not the only cause of sensitivity with metal fillings. In our daily lives, we often consume extremely hot or cold drinks such as tea and iced water. Metal reacts to hotter and colder temperatures; it expands with heat and can shrink when cold. This not only causes pain, but can cause cracks in the surrounding tooth which is far from ideal.

As white fillings do not contain metal, they are not sensitive to changes in your mouth’s temperature, and so they do not cause unintentional damage to your teeth.

More hygienic

It may seem strange to state that one type of filling is hygienic, but when composite fillings are being fitted, your dentist will take time to smooth them to match your tooth’s natural surface. Due to their malleable nature, this is easy. This eliminates an edge between the tooth and the filling, which can be a magnet for plaque. Not only is plaque unattractive, it can lead to more decay forming.

Strengthens the tooth

If you are having a filling, the chances are your teeth may have tiny cracks in them or other forms of damage that only your dentist will be able to identify. A white filling can be moulded to support and repair any existing damage in the tooth, creating a more supported and stronger tooth.

At Castle Lane Dental Practice in Bournemouth, we want your smile to look its best. White fillings are suitable for many patients, regardless of where your decay is located, as they extremely protective, but they also improve the appearance of your teeth while preventing any further problems from occurring.

Do you think you need a filling? Come along for a check-up and our friendly, experienced dental team will be happy to help you.

Contact us today for more information about white fillings in Bournemouth and our other cosmetic procedures.

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Can I replace my old fillings? What you need to know about having white fillings fitted in Bournemouth

In the last few decades, dental techniques and equipment have come a long way.

While dentistry once had a bad image associated with pain and discomfort, these advances have started to change this association and now, more people than ever are going to the dentist to improve their smiles through cosmetic dental procedures.

White Filling in BournemouthHowever, cosmetic dentistry has led many patients to look into their mouths at their darker, metal fillings and wonder if they should have them replaced with white fillings in Bournemouth.

Should I change my fillings?

Firstly, many dental surgeries are wary of taking out old fillings and putting it new ones unless there is damage to them.

However, at Castle Lane Dental Care, we think that you teeth should be more than simply functional. If you have a metal filling near the front of your mouth that is obvious and causing you to be less confident, we will take it out and replace it with a white filling in Bournemouth.

There are many benefits to requesting that any future fillings that you may need are also composite based that go far beyond being an aesthetic choice.

Less invasive

A large plus of having a filling that is based on a plastic, malleable composite is the ability to mould it into different shapes and spaces.

If you require a smaller filling, your dentist may use a small amount of composite material to fill it, without having to pull out a large drill. Leaving you with a new filling that is perfectly fitted to your teeth and is not noticeable.


Fillings are a form of preventative dentistry; after all, they are used to prevent your teeth from decaying any further while also providing you with the ability to use your once decayed tooth again.

An interesting side note about composite fillings is that due to their colour, it is easier for your dentist to identify any decay setting in underneath the tooth as it makes any cracks in the enamel more noticeable. This means that any dental work can be completed quickly and is inevitably less invasive or extreme.


Metal fillings do support the area of the tooth that has been drilled, but they are not very malleable, meaning it is hard for even the most experienced dentist to shape them to correctly fit your tooth.

In preparation for a filling, your dentist will gently drill your tooth to remove any decay, this may lead to micro cracks forming if there were none to begin with. When a composite filling is fitted, your dentist can use it to not only restore your tooth, but to also fill in any micro cracks that have formed. This will prevent future sensitivity while ensuring your tooth is supported and strong.

If you think white fillings in Bournemouth are for you contact us at Castle Lane Dental Practice and we will discuss the options available.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Are white fillings in Bournemouth for me?

Even those of us who have looked after our teeth religiously with a good dental oral regime at home and regular check-ups at the dentist may still need fillings at some point in our lives.  In the past, all fillings were made from metal amalgam, which whilst doing the job very well, did not offer a very subtle solution!

White Fillings in BournemouthWe all want to feel our best so if you think that your old fillings are making you look more like Jaws than James Bond, why not come along to our Castle Lane Dental Clinic in Bournemouth and chat to us about the options available to you.

How does this treatment work?

Our team can provide you with all the knowledge you need when deciding whether to get new, more natural looking fillings. But it is safe to say that we can replace your unwanted fillings, safely and quickly, to leave you with a white beaming smile!

White fillings in Bournemouth are made from composite material which is very strong.  Before any treatment goes ahead, one of our dentists will examine the teeth that need fillings replaced, removing any decay that is lurking.  Once your teeth are prepared, we will remove your metal amalgam fillings and exchange these for your new natural looking ones.

New whiter filling replacements bond very well to teeth and, if this is the first filling you are having in your tooth,  we should be able to save more of your real tooth instead of removing it via drilling.  These type of fillings are more reasonable in price too, especially when compared to porcelain crowns for example.

How should I look after my new fillings?

White fillings in Bournemouth are hardy and should last you for many years.  Sticking to a good oral health regime at home, by brushing and flossing or using alternatives such as interdental brushes, twice a day, will help to maintain fillings and teeth.

Nervous of dental procedures?

If you do not enjoy visiting the dentist, don’t worry, you are not alone. Here at Castle Dental Clinic we are very experienced in dealing with people that really do not enjoy having treatments done.  We ensure that all your concerns are discussed first before any treatment takes place. We never judge, so even if you have not visited a dental practice for years, we will find the best way that suits you and your teeth for any solution to any dental problem.

Natural looking gnashers…gorgeous!

The dental procedure to replace old metal fillings with new shiny white ones is a simple way to improve the look of your teeth in general.   This treatment, depending on how many fillings need replacing, can usually be completed in one visit.

Nothing builds the confidence of a person more than shiny white teeth and a happy smile.  Having whiter more natural looking teeth will boost esteem and actually make a person look younger, as the eyes are drawn away from crow’s feet or wrinkles and pulled towards someone’s attractive smile.

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Give yourself a long lasting smile with white fillings in Bournemouth

One of the treatments most often used in any dental practice is that of repairing teeth where fillings have decayed over time.  Many people at some point in their lives may need this procedure and it is not necessarily a reflection of how good or bad your oral health care at home is. Although you will have more chance of not needing fillings if you do take good care of your teeth!

White Fillings in BournemouthWhat filling options are there available?

Most of us think of metal amalgam when we hark back to our childhood, but this dental solution has come on leaps and bounds in recent years.  Although the fillings of old were certainly strong and did the trick, they really did not blend in with other teeth and look at all natural.

At our Castle Lane Dental Clinic we offer white fillings in Bournemouth which will keep your mouth looking crisp, clean and bright!

What are these super duper new fillings made from?

White fillings in Bournemouth are made from composite resin and are very durable. Ideal for using in the front or the back teeth, they are the perfect choice for those patients who want a more natural look to their smile.

These type of fillings are the perfect solution for mending cavities and can help change the hue of the tooth.  Depending on how many teeth need repairing, we often find that we can treat the patient with this procedure in one visit.

What happens during this procedure?

On the day of your treatment, our dental practitioner will match your tooth colour to the best shade of composite resin. Any decay will be removed and the new filling material will be placed into the tooth and shaped, hardened and polished.

New whiter filling replacements bond very well to teeth and should last for at least five years and they look so natural, no one would even know that you have had fillings!

Keeping your teeth looking their best after treatment

To keep your teeth looking their best and also to help prevent any further treatments being needed, good oral hygiene is a must! We recommend that you always brush your teeth twice a day and floss or use an alternative, to keep on top of plaque and bacteria. Try to not eat too many sugary sweets, foods or drinks and always ensure that you have regular dental check-ups.

Your new natural looking fillings need to be protected from any staining too, so try to avoid smoking, red wine and too much coffee.

New fillings, new smile!

For a confidence boost and higher self-esteem, nothing beats a wide bright smile! Having white and natural coloured fillings are a simple way of ensuring that your teeth look as natural as possible, whilst still producing the end result of repaired cavities. If you have any questions about this treatment just visit us at Castle Dental Clinic in Bournemouth and we will be happy to talk to you.

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Jaw problems? We can help

At Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth, we don’t think our responsibilities towards our patients end with their teeth. We also look at the body parts that surround and influence the teeth. Jaws play a vital role in chewing, and moving the teeth up and down and side to side to grind food into manageable pieces.

Jaw Problems in BournemouthSo, when things start to go wrong with your jaw, there can be knock-on effects for your teeth. If you think you have jaw problems, then please tell us about them. We can help sort them out.

In the dental profession, we call issues with this important joint temporomandibular disorder, or TMD for short.

TMD is often caused by your jaws not being properly aligned. When the jaws don’t line up correctly, it can cause you to clench your teeth together and grind them in your sleep.

The symptoms you may be experiencing

Clenched jaws and bruxism (teeth grinding) can result in pain in the facial muscles, headaches and migraines, neck ache, and shoulder pain. People also often experience clicking in the jaw joint.

The results for the teeth themselves can be that over time they start to split and crumble away from all the grinding together when you are asleep.

What can we do to help?

Many people find that wearing a rigid plastic protector over their teeth at night can greatly alleviate their jaw problems.

Getting a night guard means coming in for impressions to be taken. When you wear the guard at night, it will get your jaws to relax and will also help protect your teeth against grinding.

Your jaw problems may also be improved by replacing any missing teeth and adjusting ill-fitting bridgework.

Some people also need to have orthodontic treatment or maxillofacial surgery in order to bring their jaws into proper alignment.

What to do now?

Give us a call and explain that you are experiencing jaw problems and we can book you in for an appointment and start to explore what may be causing them. Our friendly team will do all they can to alleviate the distressing symptoms that jaw problems cause.

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Your jaw and your headaches

If you regularly wake up with a splitting headache, and have tried all the usual avenues to find out what’s wrong, maybe it’s time to come to Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth.

TMD in BournemouthAbout 30% of adults in the UK suffer from temporomandibular disorder (TMD) at some point in their lives. This disorder of the jaw joint can leave you with pain in your head, neck and shoulders. That pain can also be present around the jaw joint itself, as well as sometimes being present just in front of the ear, and even in the ear itself.

If you have TMD, you may find that your jaw feels tight and that it pops or clicks and does not seem to open as wide as it should.

Sometimes these various pains and other symptoms can disappear as mysteriously as they arrived, but if you have had debilitating headaches or other pains for some time, you really need to get it checked out at the dentist.

What can the dentist do?

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we will do our best to find out what’s causing the TMD.

It could be that you are grinding your teeth at night. If this is the case, it won’t be just your jaw joint that is in trouble. After a while, your teeth will suffer too. The constant grinding can cause them to crumble and split.

Other causes include stress, a jaw joint injury, osteoarthritis, an uneven bite or even gout, rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Once we have established the cause of your TMD, we can offer a range of devices to help control it. We have devices that cover the teeth to prevent you biting down and grinding.

We also have a new device called Cerezen. This tiny device goes inside each of your ears and makes it uncomfortable for you to clench your teeth either at night or during the day.

So, why not take the first step to less pain and book a consultation to get to the root of your TMD? Soon, you will be on your way to waking up feeling fresh as a daisy.

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