Are white fillings in Bournemouth for me?

Even those of us who have looked after our teeth religiously with a good dental oral regime at home and regular check-ups at the dentist may still need fillings at some point in our lives.  In the past, all fillings were made from metal amalgam, which whilst doing the job very well, did not offer a very subtle solution!

White Fillings in BournemouthWe all want to feel our best so if you think that your old fillings are making you look more like Jaws than James Bond, why not come along to our Castle Lane Dental Clinic in Bournemouth and chat to us about the options available to you.

How does this treatment work?

Our team can provide you with all the knowledge you need when deciding whether to get new, more natural looking fillings. But it is safe to say that we can replace your unwanted fillings, safely and quickly, to leave you with a white beaming smile!

White fillings in Bournemouth are made from composite material which is very strong.  Before any treatment goes ahead, one of our dentists will examine the teeth that need fillings replaced, removing any decay that is lurking.  Once your teeth are prepared, we will remove your metal amalgam fillings and exchange these for your new natural looking ones.

New whiter filling replacements bond very well to teeth and, if this is the first filling you are having in your tooth,  we should be able to save more of your real tooth instead of removing it via drilling.  These type of fillings are more reasonable in price too, especially when compared to porcelain crowns for example.

How should I look after my new fillings?

White fillings in Bournemouth are hardy and should last you for many years.  Sticking to a good oral health regime at home, by brushing and flossing or using alternatives such as interdental brushes, twice a day, will help to maintain fillings and teeth.

Nervous of dental procedures?

If you do not enjoy visiting the dentist, don’t worry, you are not alone. Here at Castle Dental Clinic we are very experienced in dealing with people that really do not enjoy having treatments done.  We ensure that all your concerns are discussed first before any treatment takes place. We never judge, so even if you have not visited a dental practice for years, we will find the best way that suits you and your teeth for any solution to any dental problem.

Natural looking gnashers…gorgeous!

The dental procedure to replace old metal fillings with new shiny white ones is a simple way to improve the look of your teeth in general.   This treatment, depending on how many fillings need replacing, can usually be completed in one visit.

Nothing builds the confidence of a person more than shiny white teeth and a happy smile.  Having whiter more natural looking teeth will boost esteem and actually make a person look younger, as the eyes are drawn away from crow’s feet or wrinkles and pulled towards someone’s attractive smile.

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