Can I replace my old fillings? What you need to know about having white fillings fitted in Bournemouth

In the last few decades, dental techniques and equipment have come a long way.

While dentistry once had a bad image associated with pain and discomfort, these advances have started to change this association and now, more people than ever are going to the dentist to improve their smiles through cosmetic dental procedures.

White Filling in BournemouthHowever, cosmetic dentistry has led many patients to look into their mouths at their darker, metal fillings and wonder if they should have them replaced with white fillings in Bournemouth.

Should I change my fillings?

Firstly, many dental surgeries are wary of taking out old fillings and putting it new ones unless there is damage to them.

However, at Castle Lane Dental Care, we think that you teeth should be more than simply functional. If you have a metal filling near the front of your mouth that is obvious and causing you to be less confident, we will take it out and replace it with a white filling in Bournemouth.

There are many benefits to requesting that any future fillings that you may need are also composite based that go far beyond being an aesthetic choice.

Less invasive

A large plus of having a filling that is based on a plastic, malleable composite is the ability to mould it into different shapes and spaces.

If you require a smaller filling, your dentist may use a small amount of composite material to fill it, without having to pull out a large drill. Leaving you with a new filling that is perfectly fitted to your teeth and is not noticeable.


Fillings are a form of preventative dentistry; after all, they are used to prevent your teeth from decaying any further while also providing you with the ability to use your once decayed tooth again.

An interesting side note about composite fillings is that due to their colour, it is easier for your dentist to identify any decay setting in underneath the tooth as it makes any cracks in the enamel more noticeable. This means that any dental work can be completed quickly and is inevitably less invasive or extreme.


Metal fillings do support the area of the tooth that has been drilled, but they are not very malleable, meaning it is hard for even the most experienced dentist to shape them to correctly fit your tooth.

In preparation for a filling, your dentist will gently drill your tooth to remove any decay, this may lead to micro cracks forming if there were none to begin with. When a composite filling is fitted, your dentist can use it to not only restore your tooth, but to also fill in any micro cracks that have formed. This will prevent future sensitivity while ensuring your tooth is supported and strong.

If you think white fillings in Bournemouth are for you contact us at Castle Lane Dental Practice and we will discuss the options available.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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