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Replace missing teeth with crowns and bridges

If you have lost 2 or more teeth in a row, you may be wondering how to replace them. One popular choice here at Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth is to have a bridge fitted.

Bridges are so called because they bridge the gap between your healthy teeth. They feature 2 or more replacement tooth crowns that are anchored into place between the teeth by attaching them to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap. These teeth are called abutment teeth. They can also be supported by dental implants. One dental implant can support up to 3 teeth.

Crowns and Bridges in BournemouthThe artificial teeth in between the abutment teeth are called pontics. They are made from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of materials.

Why have a bridge fitted?

If you have lost teeth, it is important to get them replaced. You need a full set of teeth in order to properly distribute the forces created by chewing. Being able to eat properly is really important for your overall health. Your teeth are the only body parts with the ability to break your food down into a paste, so that the digestive enzymes further down the line in your alimentary canal can get at the nutrients.

A full set of teeth also holds your face out properly; your cheeks rely on your teeth to stay in place and if there are teeth missing, they can collapse inwards.

Gaps don’t look good, so with your replacement teeth, you will feel much more comfortable about smiling. Filling the gaps will also stop the teeth you still have from wandering out of their correct positions, tilting into the gaps and even falling out.

What happens when you get a bridge?

If you are having a traditional bridge, we will prepare the abutment teeth by removing a portion of the enamel so that we can put the abutment crowns over them. We then take impressions of them and send them off to the lab where your bridge is made, taking great care to ensure that the crowns all blend in with the rest of your teeth. We fit the bridge at your next appointment.

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Keep your teeth going

Teeth don’t half take a battering as we go through life. When you are a child, your biggest enemy is tooth decay. It takes a long time to learn how to brush your teeth well. It can take a lifetime to develop the discipline to stand still for 2 minutes twice a day while you do it.

Crowns and Bridges in BournemouthBy the time you reach adulthood, you may well have a few fillings around your back teeth from childhood decay. As you go through life, these are the teeth that will take the brunt of the forces created by chewing, plus you may add to the wear and tear by grinding your teeth in your sleep or clenching your jaws during the day.

Chances are you will need to get those fillings replaced and they will get bigger. As time marches on, you may find that those teeth could be in danger of splitting and it might be time to start thinking about restorations such as crowns and bridges.


Crowns are a way of extending the life of teeth that have been heavily filled or weakened in some way. Maybe they are about to split. In the past, your dentist may have advised you to have the tooth extracted but here at Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth, we think that if the tooth root is healthy, it is a good idea to hang onto the tooth for as long as possible.

Having a crown put on strengthens the tooth and extends its life. A crown is a covering for the entire part of the tooth above the gum line. It is usually made of dental porcelain, which can be shaped, sized and coloured to blend in with your other teeth. If the crown needs to be super-strong, we can make it out of metal and put a tooth-coloured coating over it.

To fit a crown, we reduce the size of your natural tooth and then send impressions of your teeth to a laboratory, where your permanent crown is made. We will fit you with a temporary crown until the permanent one arrives and we then cement the crown in place.

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Tried and trusted ways to support teeth

If you read about dentistry in the 21st century, most of what is written is about amazing innovations. Incredible invisible braces that can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Wonderful white fillings that fill cavities and keep your smile looking perfect. Veneers to cover up imperfections. Dental implants to replace the whole tooth, root and crown.

It’s easy to forget that most dentists, including the team at Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth, still offer solutions that have been around for decades, but have also been updated with new materials, equipment, and techniques to be even more effective.

Dental Crown and BridgeLet’s take a look at two old favourites, crowns and bridges.

All about crowns

Crowns play a really important role in extending the life of teeth that aren’t doing so well above the gum line, but are still in great shape below it, in the tooth root. Roots are vital for maintaining healthy jawbone tissue, so you want to hang on to your natural teeth for as long as possible, and crowns help do this. Crowns are porcelain covers that fit over the entire tooth, strengthening its structure so that you can carry on chewing and biting. These days crowns are usually made of highly durable and strong porcelain that is colour-matched to the rest of your teeth.

If you have root canal therapy, we will put a crown over the top to protect your tooth. Crowns are also a great way to cover up amalgam fillings.

Bridges explained

This is a tried and tested way of restoring up to three lost teeth in a row. It is called a bridge because the replacement crowns are supported by crowns fitted over the two healthy teeth on either side of the gap. The teeth are ground into shape and fitted with false crowns made of metal. This is covered with porcelain if the abutment crowns are at the front of your mouth. If you have a bridge, as they are not removable for cleaning like dentures, you need to be extra diligent about removing plaque and cleaning so that you don’t get bad breath.

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Ways and means to restore your teeth

We need teeth that work well if we are going to eat well and keep our bodies supplied with a good range of nutrients so that it can repair itself. Biting and chewing are important because we only have one set of teeth in the body. Once our food has been swallowed, there are no teeth further down in the digestive system to grind it into a paste that can release its nutrients.

But, as we go through life, things happen to our teeth. They decay, or they get broken, or fall out due to gum disease. Not only do gaps between teeth look unsightly, but they can cause the teeth next door to start shifting around and even fall out.

Dental Crown and Bridge in BournemouthBut the good news is that there are ways to save what’s left of broken or largely decayed teeth, and other ways to replace the odd missing tooth, thanks to crowns and bridges from us at Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth.

What are crowns?

A crown goes over your entire tooth to give it a whole new lease of life. These days crowns are generally made of strong, tooth-coloured porcelain that is shaped and sized to match your surrounding teeth. Crowns are used to strengthen teeth that have lost a lot of material to decay, or have been broken and need building back up. Crowns extend the life of a tooth that is damaged above the gum line, but still has strong and healthy roots. It is a good idea to hang on to such teeth for as long as possible because replacing roots means expensive dental implants, and without your tooth roots the bone in your jaw starts to shrink away, leading to a pointy-chinned, sunken look.

What about bridges

Bridges are used to replace one to three teeth in a row that are missing. They are called bridges because the artificial tooth crowns literally bridge the gap between two healthy teeth. Bridges are fixed in place by grinding down the teeth on either side of the gap to act as abutments to the bridge. The porcelain crowns are sized, shaped, and coloured to match the surrounding teeth.

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Damaged teeth

Teeth are hardwearing but there are a number of ways in which they can be cracked, chipped, fractured, or lost.Damage can be sustained by being hit in the face, falling over, banging your mouth, biting down on something with force, having a decaying tooth and/or having large fillings that can’t support what’s left of the initial tooth. If you have damaged your teeth in any of these ways your best option is to make an appointment with your dentist. If the damage is noticeable, for example, you have a chipped tooth at the front of your mouth, or if it’s very painful, you should make an emergency appointment so you can receive treatment as soon as possible.

bridge-in-BournemouthCastle Lane Dental Care can help you deal with damaged teeth

Castle Lane Dental Care offer same day emergency appointments. Castle Lane Dental Care specialise in loss of teeth, as there is a possibility they could save your original teeth and they could be implanted back in to your gum, allowing the tooth to be saved. In many cases of tooth damage, the practice will recommend crowns & bridges in Bournemouth as the best option to help repair the damaged tooth or teeth. Bournemouth crowns & bridges are versatile and are often used for various other dental treatments. Crowns can be used to cap the top of a tooth that’s received root canal treatment and bridges are used as dental implants. Both are secured into the jaw to enable the patient to have a new, fully functioning tooth that could last a lifetime.Crowns & bridges in Bournemouth are extremely hardwearing and are fitted and coloured so they blend in naturally with your teeth, and if looked after correctly they could last indefinitely.

If you have a damaged tooth and live in the Bournemouth area, make an appointment or an emergency appointment with Castle Lane Dental centre to receive treatment, or to discuss what treatment is available to resolve the issue. Bournemouth crowns & bridges could restore your teeth to their former glory and no one will ever notice that you may have had problems with your teeth.

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Repair that tooth with crowns & bridges in Bournemouth

Do you have recently cracked or damaged teeth? If so Castle Lane Dental Care can help you to fix any damage with their crowns & bridges in Bournemouth. According to Colgate Oral Care Centre, crowns are usually used to cap damaged teeth or to cover an implant. Crowns are coloured to be the same as the rest of your teeth so they willblend in andusually go unnoticed because of their natural look. Bridges are made with a metal brace and are a great option when you have multiple teeth that are damaged, they are very hardwearing, and like crowns are designed to blend in with your natural teeth. Bridges are so hardwearing that they’re often used as a dental implant to replace a missing tooth; they’re secured in to the jaw and can last a lifetime if looked after correctly. So if you have a tooth or teeth that have decayed or have been chipped or damaged, don’t worry! There are options designed to discreetly solve these issues using crowns & bridges in Bournemouth.

crowns-in-BournemouthOther reasons you may wear a crown or Bridge

Although crowns &bridges in Bournemouth can be used to repair teeth damage that’s happened recently, they can also be used to replace fillings that are large in size, and are no longer working effectively due to there not being enough tooth remaining. Crowns can be added as a preventative measure to help stop the fracture of an already weak tooth, they are used during root canal treatment, which involves removing the pulp from a tooth, filling in the hole and then capping the tooth with a crown. In addition to repairing damaged teeth. Crowns can also be added to cover teeth that aren’t initially aesthetically pleasing; if your tooth or teeth have a different shape or are discoloured, a crown can often be used to improve the appearance of the tooth. If you have damaged teeth, or are thinking of having some work done on your teeth to improve their look, please contact Castle Lane Dental Care to discuss your options involving crowns & bridges in Bournemouth.

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