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Face plant!

Spring is here, a bit early perhaps, but already people are out having fun on bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and more. Some may be kitted out in all the right elbow and knee pads, but who’s remembered to put a mouth guard in? Who even has one unless they are a rugby player?

If you are into sports on wheels or any other sport where losing your teeth might be an unintended consequence of your need to have fun, then you need to be prepared for it.

Emergency Dental Care in BournemouthWe can put them back

If you do hit a tree out mountain biking, or land on your face while out doing parkour, then please know that if your teeth are still whole, and you can get yourself into Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth for some emergency dental care, we may well be able to put them back.

Your teeth live in sockets, and are attached to the insides of them with fleshy fibres. When you knock out your teeth, you will see these fibres hanging off the roots. If you can get your teeth to us with these fibres still alive, they can re-attach themselves, and hence your teeth, to the sockets.

It’s got to be worth a shot, eh? Especially when you consider what the alternatives are: fixed bridgework, a dental plate or dental implants. Or a gap, but no one over the age of 10 looks cute with a gap between their teeth.

Be prepared

So, here’s what to do when you go out, so that, if things do go horribly wrong, we can put them right for you.


Put our number in your phone under emergency dentist in Bournemouth. Now, one of your friends can easily call us to make an emergency appointment. Be sure to get them to tell us that you’ve knocked some teeth out.

Pick up and store

Pick your teeth up by the white crown end, not the root. Either store them in your mouth, or in a pot of milk, but never rinse or store them in tap water, as this will kill them. Don’t let them dry out either.


Be sure to get to us within 2 hours.

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Getting the most out of emergency dental care

How big does a dental crisis have to be before you seek emergency dental care from Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth?

Emergency Dental Care in BournemouthIt can be tempting to leave that toothache until your whole head, ear and neck are throbbing with unbearable pain. You may want to ignore the tooth you just chipped a corner off playing sports, or those few grains of crumbled tooth that resulted from biting down on an olive stone. But, honestly, you are far better off giving us a call and booking yourself in for some emergency dental care than assuming that a little bit of pain or damage is liveable with.

Give our reception team a call and tell them what has happened, and they will book you in for an appointment with the appropriate amount of urgency.

For example, if you have knocked out a tooth or 2 in an accident, and the teeth are still whole, then if you can get to us within 2 hours of the teeth coming out, you stand a good chance of us being able to put them back in again for you and them reattaching themselves to the inside of your tooth socket.

If you’ve got a toothache that’s been going on for more than a few days, we are also going to want to see you as soon as possible; even more so, if you had serious toothache and now it’s gone away. Chances are you have an infection in your teeth and may need to get an abscess drained and have root canal therapy. If the ache has gone, there’s a good chance that the infection has killed the nerve in your tooth. It won’t have gone away though, it will probably spread to your jaw, and, believe us, that’s the last thing you want.

Damage to your teeth, such as chips and cracks, can maybe wait a day or 2, but you need to bring them into us nonetheless. If the enamel has been broken through, you are in danger of getting an infection and, well, you now know what that can lead to.

Don’t delay for fear of seeming hypochondriac, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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How to handle dental emergencies

As much as we try to protect our teeth, sometimes accidents happen. We can brush and floss, visit the dentist as recommended, and use mouth guards while playing sports, yet that does not completely protect us from tooth pain or accidents.

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we want you to be prepared in the event of a dental emergency and we are here to help you go through them as easily and comfortably as we can. If you require emergency dental care in Bournemouth, call us today and we will strive to see you as soon as possible. Our emergency dentist will restore your oral health and prevent recurring pain and discomfort.

Emergency Dental Care in BournemouthCommon dental emergencies

Here are a few common dental emergencies and what you can do while waiting to be treated by an emergency dentist:

Chipped or broken teeth

Chipped or broken teeth need immediate dental attention in order not to cause further damage. While a fractured tooth can be painful, cracked teeth sometimes have no symptoms. The first step is rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water. After applying cold compresses or taking anti-inflammatory medication, promptly contact your emergency dentist.

If the fractured portion of your tooth is substantial, it can possibly be reattached to your original tooth, so bring it with you. Your dentist may use a crown in order to restore your tooth to its former condition, but if your tooth cannot be saved, you can always opt for a dental implant.

Knocked-out teeth

A knocked-out adult tooth can be saved but this is usually a race against the clock. If you knock out a tooth, hold it by the crown, ensuring not to touch it by the root. Be sure not to remove any tissue from the tooth while doing so.

Then, reposition your tooth into the socket and gently hold it in place with a clean gauze. If it is not possible to reposition your tooth, then store it in a glass of milk or saline solution.

In the case of a knocked-out tooth, getting treatment within an hour can make a huge difference to your dentist’s ability to save your tooth.

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Emergency dental care in Bournemouth

Dental emergencies not only painfully disrupt our lives, but also come at the most inconvenient and least expected times. While dental emergencies are rare, they can happen, and for this reason, it is important to know how to take care of your teeth no matter what.

At Castle Lane Dental Care, your health and comfort are important to us. Issues such as knocked out teeth and toothaches should be addressed as soon as possible. If left untreated, these problems can create more serious health problems, such as permanent tooth loss. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please give us a call and we will do our best to ensure that you are taken care of in a comfortable, affordable and timely manner.

Emergency Dental Care in BournemouthManagement of common dental emergencies

In the event that you knock out a tooth, bring it to the emergency dentist as soon as possible. Do your best to locate the tooth after it is dislodged, and make sure not to hold it by the root.

More importantly, be careful not to remove any tissue from your tooth. Put it back into the socket if you can, or store it in a glass of milk until you can bring it to the emergency dentist. Visiting an emergency dentist within an hour of the accident, can mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth.

A toothache can be the result of a number of dental conditions and only your emergency dentist can determine its underlying cause. While waiting to be treated, rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water.

If you have food trapped between your teeth causing pain, try to remove it gently with dental floss. If you are experiencing swelling, apply a cold pack to the outside of your cheek or mouth. You can also take over-the-counter painkillers, but do not rub them against the gums near the aching tooth as they may burn your gum tissue.

The most important thing with any dental emergency is to call as soon as the issue arises as it’s more likely that we will be able to see you on the day you call.

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Emergency dental care in Bournemouth

You may be taking great care of your teeth but accidents happen. Children can break teeth while playing sports and sometimes you can suffer from a chipped tooth simply by biting down on something hard. Your actions following a dental injury will be determined by its severity, but in most cases, you will need to act quickly.

Pain and discomfort shouldn’t be ignored, especially when Castle Lane Dental Care can provide you with relief in just one phone call. We are happy to accommodate your emergency dental needs during our regular business hours in order to avoid additional dental problems in the future.

Emergency Dental Care in BournemouthToothaches

A toothache is a very common dental emergency and something most individuals will have experienced at some point in their lives. A persistent toothache can affect your diet, your sleep and your overall mood. Usually, toothaches are symptoms of more serious problems such as tooth decay, abscesses and infections and tooth erosion among others. An appointment with an emergency dentist at Bournemouth can help identify the main cause of your toothache and start treatment to relieve the pain.

While waiting for emergency dental treatment, you are advised to rinse your teeth with lukewarm water and brush your teeth gently in order to remove any trapped food remains. You can take regular painkillers but do not put the pills directly on your teeth and gums, since they can damage them.

Avulsed teeth

Sport and car accidents are responsible for a large number of dental emergencies. If you lose a tooth during an accident it is really important to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible, because prompt treatment can mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth. While waiting to see your dentist, do not handle the tooth by its root and do not scrub any remaining tissue. If you can’t reposition the tooth in the gum socket, store it in saline solution or some milk. If you are experiencing pain, gently place a cold compress on the cheek.

We are here for you

A dental emergency can be extremely stressful and take action quickly is vital for a positive outcome. If you find yourself in any of the situations described above, don’t hesitate to call us.

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Emergency dental care in Bournemouth

Dental emergencies can strike at any time and some oral injuries may need immediate treatment, while others can wait until your dentist’s normal business hours. At Castle Lane Dental Care, we believe that no one should suffer through constant, agonising pain, so we are available to assist you if oral pain becomes too much to bear.

At our practice, we offer same day treatment for all dental emergencies including toothaches, lost or broken crowns, chipped teeth, broken fillings, abscesses, face trauma and knocked-out teeth. Our experienced dentists can take care of your injuries to ensure quick and effective healing.

Emergency dental care in BournemouthCommon dental emergencies

Controlling a dental emergency can be difficult when you or a loved one is in pain, but a quick and proper reaction can help save your tooth. It is, therefore, useful that you become familiar with some dental emergencies in order to know what to do in case you ever encounter one.

Knocked-out teeth

If you lose a tooth during an accident or as a result of face trauma, hold it by the crown and rinse the root with lukewarm water. Do not scrub the tooth or remove any attached tissue fragments. Ideally, gently reposition the tooth back in the socket, but if this is not possible, keep it in a container of milk and visit an emergency dentist immediately. Seeing a dentist within an hour or less can mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth.


If you suffer from a toothache it is better to visit a dentist as soon as possible, instead of relying on painkillers. Toothaches are often symptoms of more severe dental issues such as tooth decay and abscesses, and can create more problems in the long if remain untreated. If a toothache is getting you down, here are a few steps to follow while waiting to be accepted by your emergency dentist. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water, gently floss to remove food particles that may be trapped around your tooth. Do not apply pills directly on the tooth or gum tissues.

Contact us

If you are facing a dental emergency, give us a call and we will strive to address your needs as quickly as possible.

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