Enjoying dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth

If you have false teeth, you might be aware of the procedure available that enables you to feel more confident with your smile, knowing that your teeth will not slip and fall out without warning.


Dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth offer patients a means of improving their quality of life and we are eager to speak with you about your options. To ensure that you are eligible for this treatment, it is important to book a consultation with one of our professionals. We will take a series of scans of your jaw bone and discuss with you your medical and dental history so that we can gain an insight into your current condition.

Unfortunately, some of you will find that you need to gain control over some underlying health conditions before continuing on with the treatment. If you have gum disease for example, or other conditions such as diabetes or are going through chemotherapy or radiation treatment, then we generally ask that you wait until you have managed these conditions or your health has improved.

This way, we are able to maintain a high level of success regarding or treatments for dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth. We want to be able to provide our patients with confidence in knowing that their treatment has reduced risk and that the advantages far outweigh any potential pitfalls. By speaking with one of friendly and compassionate team members today, we will be able to determine what we believe to be the right course of action regarding your current condition so that you can enjoy your smile even more.

Do I need any prior treatment?

That depends. If you have been wearing your false teeth for a long time and are experiencing discomfort now with them slipping and sliding around, this may be because your jaw bone has begun to recede. This is a natural occurrence where your body no longer produces an appropriate amount of cells to the jaw bone as it believes it is no longer needed. Without appropriate stimulation from your natural teeth, your jaw bone simply reduces the rate in which it restores and your body uses this energy elsewhere.

In order for you to use dental implants to stabilize your false teeth, you need to have an appropriate amount of jawbone left. If you do not, then you may be required to undergo a simple bone graft to replace the missing bone.

We use either animal, synthetic or human tissue and place it directly into your natural jaw. We then leave it to heal before carrying on with the treatment as planned. There is a high success rate for this treatment and we are excited to be able to offer our patients a new lease on life with this treatment.

If you want to understand more about dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth then we warmly invite you to come and discuss with us your personal situation so that we can determine what steps we need to take for you to enjoy a stable and more functional smile.

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