Give yourself a long lasting smile with white fillings in Bournemouth

One of the treatments most often used in any dental practice is that of repairing teeth where fillings have decayed over time.  Many people at some point in their lives may need this procedure and it is not necessarily a reflection of how good or bad your oral health care at home is. Although you will have more chance of not needing fillings if you do take good care of your teeth!

White Fillings in BournemouthWhat filling options are there available?

Most of us think of metal amalgam when we hark back to our childhood, but this dental solution has come on leaps and bounds in recent years.  Although the fillings of old were certainly strong and did the trick, they really did not blend in with other teeth and look at all natural.

At our Castle Lane Dental Clinic we offer white fillings in Bournemouth which will keep your mouth looking crisp, clean and bright!

What are these super duper new fillings made from?

White fillings in Bournemouth are made from composite resin and are very durable. Ideal for using in the front or the back teeth, they are the perfect choice for those patients who want a more natural look to their smile.

These type of fillings are the perfect solution for mending cavities and can help change the hue of the tooth.  Depending on how many teeth need repairing, we often find that we can treat the patient with this procedure in one visit.

What happens during this procedure?

On the day of your treatment, our dental practitioner will match your tooth colour to the best shade of composite resin. Any decay will be removed and the new filling material will be placed into the tooth and shaped, hardened and polished.

New whiter filling replacements bond very well to teeth and should last for at least five years and they look so natural, no one would even know that you have had fillings!

Keeping your teeth looking their best after treatment

To keep your teeth looking their best and also to help prevent any further treatments being needed, good oral hygiene is a must! We recommend that you always brush your teeth twice a day and floss or use an alternative, to keep on top of plaque and bacteria. Try to not eat too many sugary sweets, foods or drinks and always ensure that you have regular dental check-ups.

Your new natural looking fillings need to be protected from any staining too, so try to avoid smoking, red wine and too much coffee.

New fillings, new smile!

For a confidence boost and higher self-esteem, nothing beats a wide bright smile! Having white and natural coloured fillings are a simple way of ensuring that your teeth look as natural as possible, whilst still producing the end result of repaired cavities. If you have any questions about this treatment just visit us at Castle Dental Clinic in Bournemouth and we will be happy to talk to you.

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