How can cosmetic dentistry straighten teeth?

You may have been led to believe that if you want to straighten your teeth in order to have a healthier and happier mouth, then you will need to have metal, traditional braces to allow you to achieve the look that you are hoping to have.

Cosmetic Dentistry in BournemouthHowever, there is another way in gaining that healthier and more beautiful smile in a discreet and convenient way. Cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth can provide you with invisible braces which consist of many different devices that are suited to individual and common complaints regarding the orientation of teeth. We can offer you a choice of wearing clear and sometimes removable appliances to straighten your teeth.

For adults, teeth straightening has become a popular option. There is no real age limit to allowing yourself a healthier and more attractive smile. Invisible and removable options are favoured by adults who have professional careers and feel more comfortable with a discreet option rather than traditional braces for several months on end.

We are proud to offer you the advanced technology in our practice that is behind these treatments. This allows you to enjoy a much shorter treatment length, depending of course upon your personal situation. Cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth has a department specifically designed for the consultation and treatment with such technology and devices, offering you a broad range of options that are bound to fit in with your lifestyle choices.

What are the benefits of these types of braces?

When you can have your teeth straightening in a generally shortened period of time, you are able to plan having beautiful teeth for a certain event in your life or make plans according to your treatment more easily.

If you need to straighten your teeth or realign your top and bottom jaws, then you can still benefit from cosmetic dentistry in Bournemouth. You should know that some cases cannot be dealt with using invisible aligners but rather may need the precise manipulation control that comes with traditional braces. By speaking one of our experienced team members, you can understand how your personal circumstances are to be dealt with effectively and promptly to produce outstanding results.

The flexibility of having invisible braces can make you feel more confident in social situations or when speaking in public. Removable devices allow you to go out for a special event without experiencing anxious feeling and you can remove the braces during eating which means they are much more able to fit around your lifestyle.

Properly aligned teeth and jaws are healthier. After treatment, you may be able to experience less jaw pain, less wearing down of your teeth and your teeth should be less pronounced which can allow you to speak better.

Straighter teeth can give bad bacteria less chance to develop into plaque as there are less hard to reach places where teeth crossover or pack tightly together. Teeth with gaps also expose more of the tooth surface to plaque and bad bacteria which can lead to decay and tooth loss.

Straightening teeth is a long-term investment in your oral health as well as allowing you to smile with more confidence. By seeking the advice of a dentist, you can begin the journey to a healthier and more attractive smile.

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