Is there a solution to dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth?

If you have found that your false teeth are slipping around in your mouth, causing embarrassing moments, or reducing your confidence in regards to eating and speaking out in public, then our solutions regarding dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth may be something that you would like to consider.

denture-stabilisation-bournemouthDentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth

It is natural for your teeth to slip and slide around on your mouth over time, simply because of the way that our bodies react to your missing teeth over time. The jaw bone begins to recede when it is no longer stimulated by natural teeth. As your false teeth simply sit on your gums, the kind of stimulation that your jaw bone needs no longer happens. Thus, as a result, the cells of the bone deteriorate and your body chooses not to put energy into restoring them again.

This will happen to anyone who has missing teeth. It is not solely an age related occurrence, however, as it takes a significant amount of time to occur, it is something that occurs with age. You will also find that if your jaw bone is receding, that you may feel your face begin to droop and your cheeks appear more sunken in, a sign of premature aging caused by this condition.

Dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth can offer a solution. Rather than live with slipping teeth, let one of our dentists talk to you about using dental implants as a means of supporting your dentures in place. We can offer an all-on-four treatment plan, otherwise known as same day teeth, which places four implants strategically around the mouth to support your false teeth and keep them in place.

Two implants are placed on your upper jaw and two on your lower jaw. They are placed using a digital software to improve comfort and minimise the risk of complications. They are known as same day teeth because the procedure can be quickly completed all within the single appointment and your dentures can be placed onto the implants leaving you with a brand new smile all in a single day.

Is it safe?

Although it is relatively straightforward, you do need to undergo a minor surgical procedure so we need to ensure that your health is strong, that you have no underlying dental conditions and that we follow only the strictest of hygiene protocols to reduce the risk of infection or complication after the surgery is completed.

Rest assured, we only use the best materials which guarantee you a long-term result. Implants can be expected to last for several decades, especially when cared for correctly by both you and your dentist.

Dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth is a means to allow you a better quality of life. We understand that it can be exhausting needing to be constantly aware of your slipping teeth and they can be painful to boot. Come in and speak with one of our friendly team about the options that are available to you so that you can enjoy a more reliable, functional smile, today.

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