Jaw problems? We can help

At Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth, we don’t think our responsibilities towards our patients end with their teeth. We also look at the body parts that surround and influence the teeth. Jaws play a vital role in chewing, and moving the teeth up and down and side to side to grind food into manageable pieces.

Jaw Problems in BournemouthSo, when things start to go wrong with your jaw, there can be knock-on effects for your teeth. If you think you have jaw problems, then please tell us about them. We can help sort them out.

In the dental profession, we call issues with this important joint temporomandibular disorder, or TMD for short.

TMD is often caused by your jaws not being properly aligned. When the jaws don’t line up correctly, it can cause you to clench your teeth together and grind them in your sleep.

The symptoms you may be experiencing

Clenched jaws and bruxism (teeth grinding) can result in pain in the facial muscles, headaches and migraines, neck ache, and shoulder pain. People also often experience clicking in the jaw joint.

The results for the teeth themselves can be that over time they start to split and crumble away from all the grinding together when you are asleep.

What can we do to help?

Many people find that wearing a rigid plastic protector over their teeth at night can greatly alleviate their jaw problems.

Getting a night guard means coming in for impressions to be taken. When you wear the guard at night, it will get your jaws to relax and will also help protect your teeth against grinding.

Your jaw problems may also be improved by replacing any missing teeth and adjusting ill-fitting bridgework.

Some people also need to have orthodontic treatment or maxillofacial surgery in order to bring their jaws into proper alignment.

What to do now?

Give us a call and explain that you are experiencing jaw problems and we can book you in for an appointment and start to explore what may be causing them. Our friendly team will do all they can to alleviate the distressing symptoms that jaw problems cause.

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