Need a filling with Castle Lane Dental Care? Advantages of white fillings in Bournemouth

In modern society, with our highly acidic and sugar saturated foods, many people are told at a dental check-up that they need a filling.

White Fillings in BournemouthMetal fillings, which are commonly used on molar teeth, are a mixture of metals which replace the parts of tooth lost through decay or drilling. Of course, while this method of filling teeth is time tested and the standard way of treating decay in the teeth, there are a few disadvantages when comparing metal fillings to white fillings in Bournemouth.

White or composite fillings

Many years ago, having white fillings in Bournemouth fitted was considered a cosmetic procedure. While it is still technically a cosmetic procedure, many dentists and patients are noticing the other advantages of having white or composite fillings and are choosing them over traditional metal ones.

Lack of sensitivity

Patients who have metal fillings are often told to try and avoid using their newly filled tooth for about 1 day afterwards. This is because the metal does not truly fuse with the tooth and can cause some sensitivity.

However, recent studies have found that this is not the only cause of sensitivity with metal fillings. In our daily lives, we often consume extremely hot or cold drinks such as tea and iced water. Metal reacts to hotter and colder temperatures; it expands with heat and can shrink when cold. This not only causes pain, but can cause cracks in the surrounding tooth which is far from ideal.

As white fillings do not contain metal, they are not sensitive to changes in your mouth’s temperature, and so they do not cause unintentional damage to your teeth.

More hygienic

It may seem strange to state that one type of filling is hygienic, but when composite fillings are being fitted, your dentist will take time to smooth them to match your tooth’s natural surface. Due to their malleable nature, this is easy. This eliminates an edge between the tooth and the filling, which can be a magnet for plaque. Not only is plaque unattractive, it can lead to more decay forming.

Strengthens the tooth

If you are having a filling, the chances are your teeth may have tiny cracks in them or other forms of damage that only your dentist will be able to identify. A white filling can be moulded to support and repair any existing damage in the tooth, creating a more supported and stronger tooth.

At Castle Lane Dental Practice in Bournemouth, we want your smile to look its best. White fillings are suitable for many patients, regardless of where your decay is located, as they extremely protective, but they also improve the appearance of your teeth while preventing any further problems from occurring.

Do you think you need a filling? Come along for a check-up and our friendly, experienced dental team will be happy to help you.

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