Is there a solution to dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth?

If you have found that your false teeth are slipping around in your mouth, causing embarrassing moments, or reducing your confidence in regards to eating and speaking out in public, then our solutions regarding dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth may be something that you would like to consider.

denture-stabilisation-bournemouthDentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth

It is natural for your teeth to slip and slide around on your mouth over time, simply because of the way that our bodies react to your missing teeth over time. The jaw bone begins to recede when it is no longer stimulated by natural teeth. As your false teeth simply sit on your gums, the kind of stimulation that your jaw bone needs no longer happens. Thus, as a result, the cells of the bone deteriorate and your body chooses not to put energy into restoring them again.

This will happen to anyone who has missing teeth. It is not solely an age related occurrence, however, as it takes a significant amount of time to occur, it is something that occurs with age. You will also find that if your jaw bone is receding, that you may feel your face begin to droop and your cheeks appear more sunken in, a sign of premature aging caused by this condition.

Dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth can offer a solution. Rather than live with slipping teeth, let one of our dentists talk to you about using dental implants as a means of supporting your dentures in place. We can offer an all-on-four treatment plan, otherwise known as same day teeth, which places four implants strategically around the mouth to support your false teeth and keep them in place.

Two implants are placed on your upper jaw and two on your lower jaw. They are placed using a digital software to improve comfort and minimise the risk of complications. They are known as same day teeth because the procedure can be quickly completed all within the single appointment and your dentures can be placed onto the implants leaving you with a brand new smile all in a single day.

Is it safe?

Although it is relatively straightforward, you do need to undergo a minor surgical procedure so we need to ensure that your health is strong, that you have no underlying dental conditions and that we follow only the strictest of hygiene protocols to reduce the risk of infection or complication after the surgery is completed.

Rest assured, we only use the best materials which guarantee you a long-term result. Implants can be expected to last for several decades, especially when cared for correctly by both you and your dentist.

Dentures and stabilisation in Bournemouth is a means to allow you a better quality of life. We understand that it can be exhausting needing to be constantly aware of your slipping teeth and they can be painful to boot. Come in and speak with one of our friendly team about the options that are available to you so that you can enjoy a more reliable, functional smile, today.

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Chipped your tooth? Five ways our emergency team can repair it at Castle Lane Dental

It happens to the best of people; you are out and about one day, you bite into a piece of food that was a bit too hard and boom! You now have a chipped tooth. What do you do?


Generally speaking, minor dental chips rarely require an urgent dental appointment, but left unchecked, they can develop into a larger chip, which can be more difficult to fix. Also if your dental chip is on the larger side, it can lead to discomfort, which is never fun.

Luckily, with modern dentistry, there are many ways dentists can fix chipped teeth, even at an emergency appointment. At Castle Lane Dental Care, our team can offer you a wide range of emergency dental care in Bournemouth to repair your chipped tooth, allowing you to get on with your day. Offering same day appointments for emergencies, just call us and we will get your smile back in one piece in no time!

But, how can we repair your chipped tooth with our emergency dental care in Bournemouth? Read on to find out about our top five repair methods.


If your chip is very small, our team may be able to repair your tooth using a recontouring tool.

Similar to filing down a nail, this involves a small tool being used to smooth down jagged edges on enamel; this may be used in conjunction with other emergency dental care in Bournemouth too, if you have a chipped or cracked tooth.

Bonding or filling

Once again, if you have a small crack or chip in your tooth, our team may use a composite filling to fill and repair the chip.

Using a UV light, our team will apply this to your tooth and harden it, so you will be able to bite with it. It will be colour matched to your surrounding teeth, so you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place!


Likely to be used if your tooth is more severely damaged from either a blunt force trauma or decay, our team may choose to use either a porcelain or metal crown to repair your tooth.

In instances of decay causing the tooth fracture, our team will aim to remove the decay first and prepare your tooth, so that your crown can sit on top of it and stay in place.


If your chip is at the front of the mouth, you will obviously want a replacement that is discreet in appearance; this is where the glamorous dental veneers work.

Used not only to whiten teeth, veneers can also be used to repair chips in your teeth and can be shaped to create a more natural symmetry to your teeth, so your repaired tooth won’t stick out!

Root canal

Similar to a crown, a root canal is usually used by our dental team if there is extreme decay in a tooth which has caused it to crack.

Topped with a crown, this treatment is suitable for more extensive cracks and chips.

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Think a dental emergency is always uncomfortable? Five signs that you need to see an emergency dentist

When you wake up in the night with a pain under one of your teeth, it can, well, put a real downer on the day ahead.


Of course, dental discomfort is an obvious indicator that you need a same day appointment. In fact, at Castle Lane Dental Care and at almost every other dental surgery in the country, this is one of the main complaints our emergency team hears from our patients.

But, did you know that you may be having a dental emergency, but be suffering from no discomfort at all?

At Castle Lane Dental Care, our team wants to help all dental patients to be able to identify when they need emergency dental care in Bournemouth, as quick identification leads to prompt treatment. Prompt treatment means better dental health which in turn, makes your life easier!

But, without discomfort, how do you identify that you need emergency dental care in Bournemouth? Read on to learn our dental team’s top five tips for identifying a dental emergency.


Is your face swollen on one side? Did it happen overnight?

If the answer to either of these is yes, then you need emergency dental care in Bournemouth.

Although non-specific, swelling to the face and jaw can indicate an infection, an impacted wisdom tooth or other issues in the mouth. Either way, when you notice any swelling, call our team immediately!

Sensitivity to temperature

OK, sensitive teeth are very common and at Castle Lane Dental Care, we see patients every day who have minor sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.

However, if your tooth suddenly becomes sensitive to either hot or cold beverages, it is time to come in and see us. Once again, this could be indicative of an infection, or a crack or chip in your tooth. Either way, both of these require urgent fixing, to prevent bacteria getting under the tooth and to prevent the infection from spreading.

Loose tooth

Not as common as many patients think, a loose tooth is a sign that you need to come in and see our team as soon as you can.

Loose teeth may indicate an issue with your jawbone, may be a sign of advanced periodontal (gum) disease, or may even be due to a recent trauma. Either way, if your tooth is wobbling and you are over the age of seven, come in and see us!

Metallic taste

This can highlight two potential issues, both of which need urgent attention from a dentist.

You either have bleeding in your mouth, which could indicate gum disease or, you have a metal filling which has cracked.

Cracked fillings can allow bacteria to creep into the root of the tooth, causing an infection and of course, gum disease is, well, gum disease! Call us if you notice a metallic taste in your mouth!

Constant headaches

The body is interconnected; toothaches can cause ear, neck and head pain so if you have a headache that you cannot shift, come and see us.

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Unlock your smile’s true potential, through invisible braces in Bournemouth

Shifting perceptions

Here at Castle Lane Dental Care, we’ve noticed a dramatic shift in perceptions over the last few years. Historically, a visit to the dental chair to get braces was a feared and dreaded day which was the cause of a large deal of anxiety or stress for many of us. Today however, it is something which is actively promoted by older and young patients alike. Never before has the number of people seeking out information around invisible braces in Bournemouth been so high. We feel that this shift in the levels of dental engagement and perception – particularly from our younger patients – is largely due to the increase in the use of social media and the copious photography of our daily lives, causing us to pay more attention to the aesthetics of our smiles. This, we feel, has played a vital role in spurring a large proportion of young people to take action and seek out the vitally needed orthodontic treatments to boost the aesthetic appeal of their smile.


In line with the times

It used to be that those who opted for braces, to achieve a straighter and healthier looking smile, would generally have to put their outward appearance on the backburner throughout the course of the treatment – which could typically take around twelve months. This, in turn, caused a large portion of those who required dental alignment to refrain from seeking it, which often led to their teeth becoming more crooked, or other – more serious – dental implications. Today however, thanks to treatments such as invisible braces in Bournemouth, patients have the ability to undertake orthodontic alignment, without altering their outward appearance or damaging their self-esteem or confidence.

Visibly different

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we understand that no two patients are the same. Each carries with them their unique sets of needs and desires to our practice, and as such we offer a range of invisible braces in Bournemouth to meet them. One of the most popular forms of discreet orthodontics which we offer, is the removable aligner process. This method works by replacing conventional fused brackets and wires with a removable, plastic retainer. This retainer is constructed from a special dental material and uses specifically targeted pressure points within it to gradually push the patient’s teeth back to their correct place. One of the main attractions of this method, over conventional orthodontics, is the removable nature of the aligner. Unlike conventional braces, which are attached to the patient’s teeth for as long as twelve months – this method of dental alignment gives patients the ability to tailor when they carry out treatment around their own schedules. Additionally to this, as each of these retainers are custom built around the specific shapes and contours of each patient’s teeth, when the retainer is worn it fits so snugly over their teeth that it becomes almost completely undetectable. This again may help rationalise the procedure’s popularity with young people, as they can achieve a straighter smile without attracting unwanted attention from their classmates or peers.

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General dentistry in Bournemouth for prevention

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. These are words commonly known by all, and emphasise the importance of taking precautionary measures instead of finding remedies for a problem. Well, you may want to keep away from doctors, but the same does not go for dentists.


We await your visit so that we can find you the best methods for looking after your oral health and equip you with precautionary measures, so you do not have to deal with complex and sometimes painful issues further down the line.

No one wants to start a day with a swollen jaw or an aching tooth or take a day off for an appointment for a root canal. Dealing with people who are facing such situations is a daily routine for all our professionals practising general dentistry in Bournemouth. Of course, we are always here at your side to assist you in getting rid of all your toothaches and swollen gums, but what if they did not happen in the first place? What if you did not have to cancel an important corporate meeting and embarrass yourself just because you woke up with pain in your entire jaw in the morning?

It is for this very reason we have available all of the general dentistry in Bournemouth treatments and bring you preventive dentistry as part of our services. This is an essential addition to our services because it provides us with an opportunity to express the utmost care for you and your family. Solving a problem at its most complicated stage is always a headache, but if you can firmly grasp the issue while it is a seedling, things can be a lot easier to tackle.

Now an important question arises, which is why you should opt for a preventive treatment plan by regularly visiting your dentist. Well, once a thing is destroyed or damaged, it can be repaired, but it is never as it was before. Once your teeth or gums or any part of your mouth gets affected by any ailment, although we are able to restore your teeth to full functionality, they can always be susceptible to further complications and damage once initial harm has been done.

There is the chance that you may fix one tooth, and surrounding teeth or gums can become problematic. We firmly believe that no one wants to lose their teeth, even in the latter part of their life. After all, these are the teeth that enable you to have juicy beef steaks and spicy vegetable curry.

General dentistry in Bournemouth offers professionals, who not only perform a thorough examination of your mouth to look for any possible chances of an ailment, but who also guide you in talking about taking care of your mouth in the right way. Some tips can always come in handy, and we make sure that you still have your guard up against any adverse attacks on the health of your teeth and gums.

You may want to avoid the doctor, but we will make sure you keep visiting us as your regular dentist. We will always keep you informed because your healthy smile is indeed the real perceived value of our job.

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General dentistry in Bournemouth for your children’s needs

We all love to see our children’s mouths widen up into a smile that shines and expresses their true feelings of joy and happiness. But have you ever thought about how your child might feel when he or she sees his or her smile in the mirror? After observing their teeth and gums that uncover from behind their lips, will they smile the next time confidently, or will they be hesitant to do so? We exceed expectations with our general dentistry in Bournemouth, but to ensure your child’s oral health, we are offering specialised services in children’s dentistry as well.


Children have always been fond of food items such as toffees, chocolates, ice cream, chips and all sort of other fancy edibles. They are delighted by the flavours as they stimulate their taste buds. But they are too young to think beyond the mere enjoyment of taste. Several items that belong on the list get stuck in the teeth. The residual grains of food which are not able to make their way to the stomach may remain in the mouth for a long time. With time, they begin to harm the tooth enamel, and that is where the problem starts.

Signs and symptoms to identify

Beginning from a mild toothache to tooth decay and tooth loss, each stage requires focussed attention and periodic monitoring. The earlier the problem is identified, the easier it is to cure. But you must ensure that this care is provided by professionals who realise the value of your child’s teeth and are dedicated to serving at their best.

Setting aside the medical requirements, teeth may also require attention concerning their overall look. During the age of growth, there are chances that teeth get out of line or their shine fades. Your child may feel hesitant to smile or even talk at times, leaving adverse impacts on his or her psyche. But don’t worry because we are here to assist you whether the treatment requires an extra fluoride covering over the teeth or braces to align them in symmetry.

What we can do

Regularly brushing the teeth has always been a particular recommendation of general dentistry in Bournemouth to all.  Still, children need special attention and care. The first approach of anyone to general dentistry in Bournemouth is often solution-oriented, which is finding the cure after the problem arises. On the contrary, delicate young teeth demand a preventive approach, so the problem does not even occur in the first place.

Our staff are highly committed to following this approach and they endeavour to educate and motivate your child to take good care of his/her mouth. Even if there is an issue, we are passionate about resolving it with minimum possible damage to the jaws.

Your child deserves to benefit from the best possible service available in town, and we at Castle Lane Dental Care will be thrilled if you allow us an opportunity to prove our capability and competence. We are available at the time of your choice to look after your child’s smile.

We would like to make sure that your child has nothing to stop them from smiling at the world confidently. Your children should be able to laugh and enjoy their freedom from dental issues.

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Why you should ask your dentist about teeth whitening in Bournemouth

When we’re young our teeth are a brilliant pearly white, but as we get older things such as our diet, the way we brush, and just general wear and tear start to take a toll on our once stellar smile. The protective enamel starts to wear away and you end up with a discolouration or ‘yellowing’ of the teeth occurring and this can hit your self-confidence levels.


But there are ways to reduce the effects of this by boosting the natural shade of your teeth through a series of sessions of teeth whitening in Bournemouth with our team.

What is tooth whitening?

For those that are unfamiliar with the process of teeth whitening in Bournemouth, we essentially brighten the shade of your teeth through a series of bleaching sessions to reduce discolouration and brighten them up. This treatment does not completely change the colour of teeth, instead it boosts their natural shade to make them look brighter and healthier.

What does it involve?

The process of whitening is relatively straightforward and is non invasive. Normally it would involve using a custom moulded mouthguard combined with a bleaching gel that you would have to wear for a set period of time until the desired results are achieved. 

Or there may be a laser shone on them as part of a system known as ‘power whitening’ whereby a bleaching product is painted onto your teeth and a light is shone to activate the agent, over time this will lighten your teeth. The type of treatment plan chosen will depend on what your dentist decides would be the right choice for you.

At Castle Lane Dental Care, our talented and friendly team will help you get that bright, confident smile again after a few sessions at our practice.

Can you do it at home?

Depending on the treatment plan chosen for you by your dentist, you may also be able to complete your whitening sessions at home. If this is the case, we will provide you with a whitening kit and a specific set of instructions on how you should use it and how often you should bleach your teeth throughout your treatment plan.

Is it safe?

Teeth bleaching treatments are rigorously controlled so it is safe as long as you go to a registered practice. You must follow all instructions given to you by our dentist if you have a home kit. If you are given a home kit then make sure you use the correct amount of bleaching gel, as any that overspills and touches your gums or mouth may cause irritation or blistering if you’re not careful. If you have any concerns about the whitening process when you come in for your session, then just chat to our team and we will be happy to settle any worries you may have.

Hopefully this has helped clear up a few things about whitening process, if you would like to schedule an appointment to give your smile a little boost then get in touch with our team as soon as you can.

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How you can benefit from teeth whitening in Bournemouth

When we bring up the topic of tooth whitening you might assume this is some luxury cosmetic treatment for the super rich or the Hollywood starlets that strutt the red carpet. However, in reality, a lot of patients can benefit quite a bit from having their own whitening performed, as it helps overall oral health along with providing cosmetic benefits. Once the treatment is performed many people think twice about going back to bad oral health habits.


Here are a few examples of how we think you can benefit from teeth whitening in Bournemouth.

What does it involve?

Whitening is an effective method of lightening the colour of your teeth without damaging or removing any enamel on the surface. It involves the use of a bleaching kit and although it can’t completely change the colour, it does help to lighten the shade of your teeth.

Reduces staining

As we get older the things we eat and drink can start to stain and discolour our teeth causing them to lose their milky white shine. Things like coffee and wine can leave a dark discolouration that can really dent your smile if it’s left untreated. After a few scheduled sessions of teeth whitening in Bournemouth we are able to give that stellar shine back to any stained teeth.

Boosts confidence

Your smile can play quite a role in your confidence, so why not give yourself a boost by removing any stubborn staining or discolouration for a sparkling smile you will always want to show off.

Reverse the signs of smoking

Over time smoking can lead to your teeth becoming damaged and stained, plus you also put yourself at a higher risk of oral health problems, as plaque and bacteria build up at an increased rate. A few appointments for whitening can target these discoloured teeth to remove signs of a less than healthy hobby.

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we can help you remove unsightly signs of smoking, as well as recommend ways for you to kick the habit or keep it at bay with alternative remedies.

Great for special occasions

If you want to look fantastic for that special occasion or for that certain someone, then consider a whitening.

As an example, your smile can have a huge impact on the impression you make in something like a job interview. A healthy smile helps you to portray an image of professionalism, confidence and pride in self-appearance that could influence a future employer’s decision.

Or show off those gorgeous grins in wedding photos that you will cherish forever, or for when you want to stand out in family photos. A whitening can make that special occasion a little more meaningful.

Helps reduce the signs of ageing

As we age the protective enamel layer around our teeth starts to wear down and discolouration sets in. Whitening your teeth is a great way to offset this slow degeneration as it keeps your smile looking healthy, happy and beautiful.

These are just a few ways in which you could benefit from our whitening programme. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to schedule a session to restore those pearly whites then get in touch with our team.

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Veneers can close small gaps as well as disguising chips and cracks

Next time you find yourself looking in the mirror and obsessing over the gaps around your teeth, or that one brown stain that has been there for ages, or the tooth that got chipped in an accident, calm down. At Castle Lane Dental Care we understand how important your teeth are and have treatments on hand to complete your smile and turn it into something that you feel proud of.

bournemouth-dental-veneersThere are several different treatments available when it comes to changing the appearance of your smile, but getting veneers in Bournemouth can enable you to tackle all sorts of issues in one simple treatment, leaving you with a refreshed, even set of teeth straight away. If you think that having this treatment will boost your confidence and put you back in charge of your smile then it is time to make a consultation appointment at our practice and speak to one of our professionals.

Nobody should have to suffer with a chip in their smile

When you have a chip in your smile it can be incredibly upsetting, especially if it is one of your front teeth and you have become unable to smile without worrying about it. Having veneers in Bournemouth can completely cover any chips that you have and keep any cracked teeth out of sight too.

The treatment process is straightforward, and once you attend your consultation appointment, our dental practitioner will be able to decide whether you need an individual tooth correcting, multiple teeth, or all of them. When you are receiving the treatment, our dental professional will carefully prepare the surface of your tooth before attaching the porcelain to it. Each tooth has its own individual piece of porcelain, which is always thin and unnoticeable to you once attached. The porcelain is made to look and feel like the surface of your natural teeth.

What else could this treatment help you with?

Alongside disguising chips and cracks, getting veneers in Bournemouth will allow you to improve several other aesthetic aspects of your teeth too. If you are having a whole set fitted, then the brightness and whiteness of your teeth is likely to also increase. This can make you seem more youthful and get rid of any discolouration or stains that you were suffering with. Teeth are prone to becoming stained as you get older, and common lifestyle habits, such as drinking tea and smoking, contributes to this.

If you have small gaps between your teeth, but do not want to get braces, this treatment can hide your gaps easily when they are small. This is accomplished by the piece of porcelain that is being fitted onto your tooth being slightly wider than your actual tooth, changing its shape and overall appearance. In some cases, this treatment can be used instead of braces to correct the appearance of slightly crooked teeth, but it does not straighten your actual teeth.

Having the porcelain attached to the surface of your teeth is completely comfortable and you will not even notice that it is there. It will provide your teeth with a little bit of extra protection, and if you take good care of them and attend regular dental check-ups they could potentially last for up to fifteen years.

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Could having veneers fitted even out your teeth?

When your adult teeth come through they can be all sorts of shapes and sizes, and as you get older these can sometimes cause you to have an uneven set of teeth that make you feel too self-conscious to smile. At Castle Lane Dental Care we can help you achieve the look that you want when it comes to having a nice, even set of teeth.

dental-veneersGetting veneers in Bournemouth will completely change the way you feel towards your teeth. This treatment is capable of resolving a multitude of problems and is suitable for adults of any age. If you want to start the process of getting the smile that you want, then it is easy to book an appointment at our practice. This can be done in person, over the phone or via our website, and if you require any further information our friendly team will be more than happy to assist in any way that we can.

Achieving an even smile is easy

Once you have booked your consultation appointment, you will be able to discuss the concerns that you have regarding your teeth with our dental professional. We will be able to recommend whether you need your whole set of teeth treated or just the one singular tooth. When you are having your veneers in Bournemouth fitted, our dental practitioner will carefully prepare the surfaces of your teeth before attaching the thin pieces of porcelain.

These bits of porcelain offer a little bit of extra protection to your teeth, as well as making them more aesthetically appealing. They are made to look and feel exactly like natural teeth, and taking care of them is easy. It is important to take care of your teeth, as this will keep your porcelain appliance stronger for longer, but it will also reduce your chances of experiencing tooth decay or gum disease.

Do more than just disguise a chip

Commonly, veneers in Bournemouth are used to cover up the appearance of chips. However, where a veneer is capable of making each tooth appear a different shape, they can also give your smile a completely new look. Having oddly shaped teeth can leave your smile looking wonky and your confidence low. Sometimes you may only require one bit of porcelain to be fitted onto one of your teeth to complete your desired look, whilst other patients will require several, and in some cases an entire set, to help them resolve their insecurities.

This treatment is capable of brightening your teeth, too. This is more noticeable when you have several teeth altered, as when only one tooth is being treated the appliance will be made to blend in with your other teeth so it does not stand out or appear obvious. In addition to this, if you find yourself scrutinising over small gaps between your teeth in the mirror but are not a fan of having braces, this treatment can cover up your unwanted gaps by making your teeth seem wider.

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