Six Month Smiles

Do you cover your mouth when you laugh? Or turn away when the photographer says, “cheese”? If hiding your smile seems like the only option, maybe it’s time you discovered Six Month Smiles at Castle Lane Dental Care.

Six Month Smiles is a short-term invisible brace system that is ideal for crowded front teeth. It’s a fixed brace made of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires that are much less noticeable than a standard metal brace.

invisible-braces-in-bournemouthSix Month Smiles uses low forces and this means our patients find it more comfortable than traditional braces. Plus, treatment time is very short. It can be as short as four to nine months with an average of six months for most of our patients.

How can it be done in such a short amount of time?

Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic treatment that focuses on only moving the teeth that show when you smile, known as the ‘social six’. Because the system uses the latest technology, it takes less time than traditional braces.

Can I take them out?

No, Six Month Smiles braces are fixed, which increases the speed of the treatment time. But because the brackets and wires are barely visible, wearing braces all the time has less impact on your appearance.

Are they comfortable?

You might think fast results means your invisible brace must be very tight and uncomfortable. But in fact, Six Month Smiles only needs low force to move your teeth gently. It’s a cosmetic solution that aims to change how your teeth look rather than how they bite.There is no greater risk to the health of your gums with Six Month Smiles, than with traditional metal braces.

What happens after the end of my treatment?

After any teeth straightening treatment, there is the risk that teeth will creep back to their original position over time. To make sure your teeth stay in their new position, you can wear a removable retainer or choose to have one that’s bonded to your teeth. Your dentist at Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth will help you decide which one is right for you.

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Making good dental health a reality at any age

Poor dental health can significantly affect your day-to-day life, with dental pain and discomfort dampening your mood and making mealtimes a challenge. Conditions such as gum disease can increase your chances of more serious illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Making your dental health a priority in Bournemouth is Castle Lane Dental Care. General dentistry forms the heart of our friendly practice. Our dentists are here to ensure you can enjoy a lifetime of good dental health.

general-dentistry-in-BournemouthPrevention is key

At Castle Lane Dental Care we work with you to help prevent the onset of dental disease, discomfort and pain. This means providing professional cleaning, scaling and polishing of your teeth to prevent the build-up of bacteria, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Regular dental check-ups will spot signs of disease before you experience dental pain. Catering to the whole family, we create a relaxed and caring environment for children and adults alike. General dentistry in our hands is a supported experience, which can give you peace of mind when it comes to your dental health.

Effective treatment when you need it most

Your teeth and gums can become infected, inflamed or otherwise damaged for a variety of reasons. General dentistry at our modern practice provides a comprehensive range of therapies to tackle all of these scenarios. Treatments include root canal therapy to tackle infection, bridges, dentures and dental implants to reconstruct missing teeth and crowns and fillings to repair damaged teeth.

All round care

With general dentistry at Castle Lane Dental care, we don’t just look out for your teeth and gums, we look at dental care holistically and also provide services to help you quit smoking and deal with jaw pain, snoring, sensitive teeth and bad breath. Understanding that dental treatment can leave some patients feeling anxious, we always take the time to fully explain what your procedure will involve. You will have ample opportunity to ask questions and have all of your concerns addressed and we will work with nervous patients to help you feel as relaxed as possible during treatment. So for a comprehensive range of general dentistry in Bournemouth, call or email us today.

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Look forward to a lifetime of healthy smiles

Taking good care of your teeth and gums means you can sport a healthy smile and avoid dental pain and discomfort. It also brings benefits for your overall wellbeing, with conditions such as gum disease known to increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease. General dentistry is dedicated to helping you enjoy good dental health throughout your lifetime. This lies at the heart of Castle Lane Dental Care in Bournemouth, where our experienced dental professionals strive to keep you smiling.

general-dentistry-in-bournemouthWhat can general dentistry in Bournemouth do for you?

As a first line of defence against dental disease, regular cleaning, scaling and polishing of your teeth can reduce the build-up of bacteria, which can cause inflammation, gum disease and tooth decay. At your regular dental check-ups, we will keep a close eye on your teeth, gums, and mouth, to catch the early signs of disease. This means you can get the treatment you need before your symptoms become severe. Early detection is especially important when it comes to more serious conditions, which is why we provide annual mouth cancer screening. We are also here to help you cope with sensitive teeth, deal with bad breath and tackle snoring.

General dentistry means giving you the best chance of avoiding dental disease and effectively treating it when it does crop up. We provide a full range of treatments, including root canal therapy and tooth extractions, as well as a variety of solutions for missing teeth such as dentures and dental implants.

We take a holistic approach to general dentistry and also provide information, support and encouragement to help you quit smoking – a habit known to damage your dental health.

Why choose us?

We believe in giving each and every one of our patients personalised care. Listening to your dental needs, we take the time to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of your treatment plan. We are also experienced in helping nervous patients overcome their dental anxiety. We aim to ensure all of our patients have the chance to enjoy the lifelong benefits of good dental health. So for general dentistry where your individual needs take centre stage, call or email Castle Lane Dental Practice.

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Get that bright white smile

Are you a fan of coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, or fruit juices? Do you suffer from gum disease or hereditary dental problems? A lot of people are suffering from yellowing and discoloured teeth because of these issues, or simply from the ageing process. You can change the course of nature with teeth whitening in Bournemouth.

teeth-whitening-in-BournemouthA white, bright smile looks healthy, youthful and beautiful. Being happy with your smile is an important component in anyone’s confidence levels. In Bournemouth, teeth whitening is a cost-effective, safe and reliable method of brightening your teeth. At Castle Lane Dental Care, we offer a choice of types of treatment to achieve that dream smile.

Many products that claim to whiten teeth are available on the high street and the internet but these products will be of a lesser quality then a dental professional at Castle Lane Dental Care can offer. In the best-case scenario, they may not work, while in the worst cases they can damage your teeth.

Teeth whitening in Bournemouth, like all cosmetic dental procedures, should only be carried out on healthy teeth. At Castle Lane Dental Care we use the popular Enlighten and Enigma Illumine teeth whitening systems. These have been tried and tested by dentists with thousands of happy patients.

How long does teeth whitening in Bournemouth last?

Your Enlighten smile can last up to three years. However, everyone’s habits and lifestyles vary and the use of tobacco, drinking red wine, coffee, or tea will affect how long your results will last. Frequent visits to Castle Lane Dental Care for professional cleaning will help maintain the results. You may wish to use the Enlighten teeth whitening in Bournemouth treatment frequently, and keep a whiter smile for even longer.

Why choose Castle Lane Dental Care?

At Castle Lane Dental Care, our patients are at the heart of everything we do. We are a family dental practice. Our team is committed to providing the highest levels of excellence for your dental care. With Castle Lane Dental Care you can be assured that you are safe, caring and professional hands.

Why not give us a ring and arrange your first consultation for your teeth whitening in Bournemouth.

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Why get my teeth whitened?

Often the difference between a good smile and a great smile is the whiteness of the teeth. As teeth age, they can lose their luster and brightness.Teeth whitening in Bournemouth, is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in the UK. It is a simple, fast and effective way to boost the appearance of your smile and can be carried out at home while under the supervision of your dental professional at Castle Lane Dental Care.

teeth-whitening-in-BournemouthEnlighten Evolution

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we only use reliable and professional teeth whitening procedures such as Enlighten Evolution Whitening.It is a combination treatment meaning that there is a two week home treatment followed by a one hour visit to Castle Lane Dental Care.

It works by increasing the permeability to oxygen on your teeth, which then breaks down stain molecules, therefore increasing the whiteness of your teeth.

Is it safe?

Enlighten Evolution teeth whitening in Bournemouth is completely safe. The materials in Enlighten Evolution have been used in dentistry for over 100 years. The Enlighten gel formula will not harm the enamel on your teeth and will not affect your existing fillings. The Enlighten product is based on the development of a formula that is being safely and effectively used in over 5,000 dental surgeries across the world.

The process

The Enlighten gel is applied to your teeth and the tooth whitening light is positioned over your teeth, which activates the gel. After around 40 minutes your teeth will be at their brightest. The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which has been used in dentistry for many years and has proven to be completely safe.

The results of teeth whitening in Bournemouth

The Enlighten tooth whitening system at Castle Lane Dental Care has shown it can whiten teeth by up to 10 shades. Enlighten can brighten your teeth dramatically. Not everyone’s teeth respond in the same way, as results will vary due to factors such as tooth density and lifestyle habits. Most people will brighten their teeth substantially with just one treatment at Castle Lane Dental Care.

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What are the pros and cons of getting veneers?

When you are considering veneers in Bournemouth at Castle Lane Dental Care, your dentist will give you all the information you need. A great dental practitioner will always give you both the benefits and the challenges of any treatment so that you are prepared and can properly weigh up your options.

Veneers are a relatively simple piece of dentistry that can be used to great effect to repair chips or cracks, close gaps in the teeth or be used to hide permanent stains. They are a hard, thin cover that is shaped and placed over the top of any damaged, discoloured or misshapen tooth to make it appear like a perfect one is in its place. They are held in place by a very hard dental cement.

veneers-in-BournemouthWhat is great about veneers?

Veneers are durable and very seldom do they get dislodged. They are designed to last many years. They offer a natural looking solution to minor dental issues that does not require extensive shaping or orthodontics.

When they are used to change the colour of a tooth, the effect is permanent and will not require topping up in the future. Some people choose to have a full set of veneers to give them a uniform, stain resistant smile for this reason.

What are the things you need to consider when getting veneers?

Once veneers are in place, they are permanent and cannot be removed. They are supported by the teeth beneath them and so these need to be in a good state of health. They do not protect the teeth from things like gum disease so you still need to be diligent with your dental hygiene routine.

It is difficult to match the shade of your other teeth precisely although your dental professional at Castle Lane Dental Care will be able to get very close when you get veneers in Bournemouth at our clinic. Your practitioner will be able to show you pictures of someone who has had veneers so you can see the high degree of match that is possible for yourself.

There are always a number of things to think about whenever you have dental treatments and so we are pleased to offer an extensive consultation to anyone considering veneers in Bournemouth at Castle Lane Dental Care.

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See yourself differently with veneers

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we can help you to complete or restore your look through our dental practices. Often you can also get a boost for your oral hygiene out of a treatment at our clinic in Bournemouth. Veneers are a versatile piece of dentistry that can really improve the way you feel about your smile as well as offer some fringe benefits.

veneers-in-BournemouthWhat are veneers in Bournemouth used for?

Veneers are available primarily as a cosmetic treatment. However, they are an option that can be offered to patients who have a chip or crack in their tooth as well. Sometimes they are even used to cover small gaps.

How do they work?

When you come to our clinic in Bournemouth, veneers are something you can discuss in detail with your dentist. However, to give you a brief overview, they are thin pieces of a durable material such as porcelain. These pieces fit over the top of your existing tooth to change the shape or colour of it in order to hide stains, close gaps or cover chips.

Each veneer is specially created to fit the tooth it is made for. In order to get them to sit flush with the surrounding teeth, a corresponding thin layer of enamel needs to be removed before impressions are taken to use to fit the veneers.

Once they have been created and returned to us at Castle Lane Dental Care, we apply them to your teeth using a dental cement. Initially, once the veneer is placed, we can move it around in order to get it into the exact position. When this has been achieved, we shine a light on it, which activates an ingredient in the cement causing it to harden very quickly. We then remove any excess cement and your veneer is fitted.

You can expect it to last between five and ten years. During that time, the veneers are stain resistant and very hard wearing so your teeth are effectively strengthened. They will also be matched closely to any teeth you do not have veneers on so that your whole set looks natural.

Some people choose to have a full set of veneers as a preventive measure and to give them a uniform look to their smile.

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Damaged teeth

Teeth are hardwearing but there are a number of ways in which they can be cracked, chipped, fractured, or lost.Damage can be sustained by being hit in the face, falling over, banging your mouth, biting down on something with force, having a decaying tooth and/or having large fillings that can’t support what’s left of the initial tooth. If you have damaged your teeth in any of these ways your best option is to make an appointment with your dentist. If the damage is noticeable, for example, you have a chipped tooth at the front of your mouth, or if it’s very painful, you should make an emergency appointment so you can receive treatment as soon as possible.

bridge-in-BournemouthCastle Lane Dental Care can help you deal with damaged teeth

Castle Lane Dental Care offer same day emergency appointments. Castle Lane Dental Care specialise in loss of teeth, as there is a possibility they could save your original teeth and they could be implanted back in to your gum, allowing the tooth to be saved. In many cases of tooth damage, the practice will recommend crowns & bridges in Bournemouth as the best option to help repair the damaged tooth or teeth. Bournemouth crowns & bridges are versatile and are often used for various other dental treatments. Crowns can be used to cap the top of a tooth that’s received root canal treatment and bridges are used as dental implants. Both are secured into the jaw to enable the patient to have a new, fully functioning tooth that could last a lifetime.Crowns & bridges in Bournemouth are extremely hardwearing and are fitted and coloured so they blend in naturally with your teeth, and if looked after correctly they could last indefinitely.

If you have a damaged tooth and live in the Bournemouth area, make an appointment or an emergency appointment with Castle Lane Dental centre to receive treatment, or to discuss what treatment is available to resolve the issue. Bournemouth crowns & bridges could restore your teeth to their former glory and no one will ever notice that you may have had problems with your teeth.

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Repair that tooth with crowns & bridges in Bournemouth

Do you have recently cracked or damaged teeth? If so Castle Lane Dental Care can help you to fix any damage with their crowns & bridges in Bournemouth. According to Colgate Oral Care Centre, crowns are usually used to cap damaged teeth or to cover an implant. Crowns are coloured to be the same as the rest of your teeth so they willblend in andusually go unnoticed because of their natural look. Bridges are made with a metal brace and are a great option when you have multiple teeth that are damaged, they are very hardwearing, and like crowns are designed to blend in with your natural teeth. Bridges are so hardwearing that they’re often used as a dental implant to replace a missing tooth; they’re secured in to the jaw and can last a lifetime if looked after correctly. So if you have a tooth or teeth that have decayed or have been chipped or damaged, don’t worry! There are options designed to discreetly solve these issues using crowns & bridges in Bournemouth.

crowns-in-BournemouthOther reasons you may wear a crown or Bridge

Although crowns &bridges in Bournemouth can be used to repair teeth damage that’s happened recently, they can also be used to replace fillings that are large in size, and are no longer working effectively due to there not being enough tooth remaining. Crowns can be added as a preventative measure to help stop the fracture of an already weak tooth, they are used during root canal treatment, which involves removing the pulp from a tooth, filling in the hole and then capping the tooth with a crown. In addition to repairing damaged teeth. Crowns can also be added to cover teeth that aren’t initially aesthetically pleasing; if your tooth or teeth have a different shape or are discoloured, a crown can often be used to improve the appearance of the tooth. If you have damaged teeth, or are thinking of having some work done on your teeth to improve their look, please contact Castle Lane Dental Care to discuss your options involving crowns & bridges in Bournemouth.

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