The backbone of every great dental clinic

When you think about dentistry these days, do you imagine cosmetic braces and teeth whitening, dental implants and veneers? These are the modern side of dentistry that people use to make their smiles look amazing. But behind every person with a great set of veneers or beautiful white teeth should be a clinic that also offer good solid general dentistry.

General Dentistry in BournemouthIn Bournemouth, at Castle Lane Dental Care, we believe that a dental clinic in the 21st century needs to be just as hot on its general dentistry as it does on the latest great ways to make teeth look beautiful.

For unless you have the back-up of great general dentistry, when the chips are down, it won’t matter how good your teeth look. So what exactly is general dentistry? At Castle Lane Dental Care, we class it as the treatments that keep your teeth going after damage or disease.

General dentistry is the basics of tried and trusted treatments such as root canal therapy, emergency dental care, dentistry for pregnant women and extractions and oral surgery. Things you want to know your dentist can offer, even if you never need them.

Pregnant women

If you are pregnant, it’s a good idea to have more frequent check-ups. This is because you have elevated levels of progesterone in your mouth and this increases the levels of plaque. More plaque means more chance of decay, but also gum disease. In fact, gum disease in pregnant women even has its own name: pregnancy gingivitis. We can keep an eye on your teeth and get them cleaned more often so that at the end of your pregnancy, you still have great teeth as well as a great new family member.

Also, please let us know that you are pregnant when you book an appointment so that we can take extra care of you. We advise that you leave elective treatments, such as dental implants, until after you have had your baby. But other treatments, including having a local anaesthetic, are fine during the middle weeks of your pregnancy.

If you’d like to find out more about dentistry during pregnancy, do feel free to call us and we can have a chat with you.

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