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Nervous Patients

Nervous Dental Patients

At Castle Lane Dental Care, we understand that many patients are nervous about visiting the dentist.

We also believe that we can help you to overcome your fears and get the treatment you need, and the smile you deserve – without the need for sedation.

There are many causes for fear of the dentist, from bad past experiences to specific triggers, such as the sound of the drill or the thought of being out of control, as dental treatment is an intimate procedure.

We are highly experienced in working with nervous patients and will treat you with the utmost care and respect at all times. Together, we can help you to allay your fears.

The first thing we will do is establish what the cause of your fear is. When you first come to see us you will have new patient consultation. Your dentist will come to meet you in the waiting area and will bring you up to the surgery. You won't have any treatment at this time, or even have to sit in the dentist's chair – this is a friendly chat during which we will find out what your concerns and issues are, and will learn what your previous experience has been so that we can improve upon it.

Please don't be embarrassed to tell us what it is you are afraid of or to let us know any bad past experiences. Even if you haven't visited a dentist in many years and are worried about the condition of your teeth, we will never be judgemental – all we want to do is help you. You can also bring a friend along for moral support if you need to.

Any treatment you need will be carefully explained in advance. Dental techniques have advanced greatly in recent years so you should have a comfortable experience. We also carry out many treatments using rubber dam isolation, which stops debris entering the mouth and helps you to feel more comfortable.

We will always work at your pace and will follow your lead. If you need a break during treatment all you need to do is raise your hand and we will stop – don't worry about holding up the dentist; we ensure our appointments include enough time for you to have a break when you need it, and know that everybody needs a breather sometimes.

To find out how we can help you overcome your fear of the dentist, please get in touch. Working together with you, our experienced, qualified staff can help you beat dental fear for good.

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